Idea and Execution

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (

Idea is cheap, it’s everywhere and we all have it. But most times, our ideas die in isolation when we’re daydreaming without taking action.

Execution is hard, expensive and it comes with a lot of sacrifices, and that’s why we rarely do it. On top of that, there are forces that make execution even harder than ever—fear, criticism, resistance, and other excuses.

But execution isn’t that hard as we might have thought before, it only requires the courage to act in spite of all odds. It doesn’t require you to have big and broad chest to do that. Just a single small step to show that you’re ready and act.

What are the ideas boiling down in your head right now? Write the darn thing down, take a small step towards it by knowing how to execute it, then repeat the process any time a new, fresh idea hit you.  An idea is powerless if it stays inside of you. You have to act to make it happen. Go!

-MOAB © 2015


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