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Worry Destroys The Ability To Create

“Worry destroys the ability to write.” –Ernest Hemingway

zero-to-hero-badgeI have not been writing much lately because I’m worried and tired of waiting. I have a lot of projects at hand and waiting for results makes me worry. It encompasses my mind every time because I think my life depends on the outcome of the projects. So while waiting, time slows down and it’s taking forever for the results to come. Worry, indeed, destroys the ability to create not only to write. It’s so easy to advise others about what to do when they’re worried, but taking that advice for oneself is a battle. Waiting makes one to worry but it can also be used as an opportunity to do something meaningful for oneself. This, to be sincere, I’m learning how to do it and I hope the results will be positive. What are you worried about?
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What’s Your Taste?

We all have our taste. Some people have quantity taste, while some people have quality and awesome taste. Some people have killer and super-duper taste, while some people have average taste. Our taste pushes us to do the work and we usually get the results according to our taste. Your taste will determine the amount of hours you’ll work on something. Your taste defines your personality and the results that you’ll get. When you get the results that match with your taste, only then that you’ll be satisfied.

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The Road To Awesome

departmentI have always wanted to be awesome (not handsome). I have always wanted to create inspiring and enchanting stuff. I have always wanted to give the best in me out for free just to make a difference. Because I felt this is my call. But the road to awesome is messy, daunting, and risky. This is the reality and there’s no other way around it. There are no shortcuts to awesome. One must pass through the messy and stinky path. Are you ready to become awesome? Be prepared to be messier than ever before. Be prepared to knock the door of hard-work. Be prepared to put your head in the game, stay in the fight till you achieve awesome. And yes, you’ll be knocked down during this fight, but you must pick yourself up and continue the fight. Because truth be told, this is the only way you can make your dreams come true and become awesome.
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Why I Chose Writing Among All Professions

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When I was younger, I wanted to ask many questions but I couldn’t because painful slaps were usually the answers to my questions. The curiosity vibe in me was locked with slaps. So I stayed mute, which turned me to be kind of introvert. I don’t think I’m one. I love to talk, to teach, to argue in order to separate the wheat from the chaff, to express my ideas and opinions. It doesn’t matter if you agree with me or not.

As a kid, growing up was hard. I saw injustice, oppression, betrayal, hypocrisy, heartbreak, love and courage. I wanted to voice all these out as a kid but I couldn’t, and then I found an alternative route which is writing. I found many answers to my questions from books. I walked hours just to read books. Books gave me confidence to believe in myself. I wanted to write stories of every experience I had had, and the experience of the present and of the future because we all have stories and this is what connects us together as humans.

I chose writing among all professions because writing allows me to tell my story in my own way; it allows me to express my ideas, thoughts and perspective of the world. If you’re blocked from expressing your ideas, write. Write, because no one cares to listen anymore.
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