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Applause: Don’t let it ruin you

Show me that person who doesn’t like to be praised after doing something pleasant and great. Are you still thinking? If you finally found one I bet the person is not human. Being praised gives one a nudge to move forward and do better next time. We all love to be praised. You can call it an encouragement but our ego recognizes it as something else. Whatever name you want to call it, the point is, we all relish applause. Continue reading


The Matchstick

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Do you think you’re useless? If yes, then I have a story for you. We have all experienced that moment at least once in our life thinking that we’re useless. Of course, we’re not but we have thought it once.
Two days ago, it was my turn to cook as my roommate and I do share the duty of cooking. He is from Somalia and I am from Nigeria. We were both from the same continent with different cultural values. We both respect our cultures and have better understanding of it. Continue reading

Battling with my new self hosted blog

I have been away for a while not posting anything on my blog. Well, that’s not intentional. I have been working on my new self-hosted website which is taking all my time to build.

After hosting my website with iPage (I don’t think they’re the best though), I have been battling with my niche because I don’t actually know what my writing is really all about. I write a lot of different things. My writings are not based on a particular subject or idea. So, for this reason I was lost.
Continue reading

Moab’s Apothegm I

1. “Defending your mistakes is just like a fish claiming it can survive on sand better than in water. Always admit your mistakes and make amendment where necessary.”

2. “Either you crawl, walk or run you will surely reach your destination as predestined.”

3. “At the time of distress if the question that comes to your mind is, “why me?” then the answer is, “not only you”. Remember patience keeps you going to your dreamland.”

4. “More is not enough yet still want more.”

5. “If you don’t have inner peace within yourself how can you advocate for peace? Lack of inner peace and preaching it is called deceit.”

6. “If I should write or speak, I would criticize, condemn and even forget about myself. I would rather deal with myself first because my better self will influence others.”

7. “It’s very obvious that there are thousands of short cuts to success in this era of ours, but the problem is that they all lead to destruction.”

8. “Oppressors are those who don’t see equality as everybody’s right and feel inferior in their subconscious mind, but when given opportunity, power, and wealth they feel they’re superior and start oppressing others.”

9. “This life is big full of mysteries but short in living.”

10. “The most precious gift you can give a writer is a pen because he knows its worth and he never underestimate the power of pen.”

-MOAB © 2014

What is Liberty?

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What is LIBERTY? It means FREEDOM. What kind of freedom? Freedom for all to do whatever they wish within the framework of the law. When may one do whatever one wishes? When one possesses a million. Does freedom provide each man with a million? A man without a million is not one who does whatever he pleases, but who is treated any way it pleases others. There is no evidence of fraternity, because what has emerged is the personal principle that of separateness enhanced by self-preservation and self-activity with one’s I.

Alex La Guma “A Soviet Journey”

Moab’s Apothegm

1. “Nothing in life is as we expected it to be. Our plans, wishes, desires, dreams, and achievements all lie in God’s decree. If it’s meant to be it will be.”


2. “I have never found joy, happiness, and comfort in anything other than worshipping my Creator, reading, writing, and doing good deeds.”


3. “Tolerance is good but limited. Even the people you tolerate most don’t even care.”


4. “Don’t take your friend’s generosity as stupidity. If you don’t spend yours and keep asking from your friend then you will become a certified beggar while your friend is blessed even more than you think because the hand that gives with sincere heart never lacks.”


5. “That very person that hurt you can also make you happy at the end. Never condemn totally, we are all human and there is good in us all.”


6. “It is because I fell in love with words that’s why I write in my own words to inspire the people around the world.”


7. “Most places of distraction are also places where your voice can be heard.”


8. “Being intelligent is not all about solving mathematics or physics, but how fast you’re in your thought and reason to solve a problem when needed, then you’re intelligent.”


9. “Money can buy my jacket, shirts, and shoes but money cannot buy my struggles when there is nothing because they’re my achievements.”


10. “Teacher matters in every aspect of life. Everyone of us can point to a teacher that motivated us and changed our lives. But to me, the best of all my teachers is my mom.”

-MOAB © 2014

Blogging: The Journey Is The Reward

Blogging is a journey that no one knows its destination. There is a reason why we all started blogging in the first place. You might call it a passion or a call or a necessity to create something. All we are here for is to share our ideas in spite of any motives behind it.

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My writing began only on Facebook which I usually share with my friends and acquaintances and I usually get a pat on my back to keep writing. But, I really wanted more. I wanted to share my message beyond my community and beyond the fold of friends and family. Most times, to our friends and family we’re always like that 7-year-old kid they knew before and our words do not resonate with them, literally. Continue reading