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Deadline: A struggle to Achieve One’s Goal

What does deadline mean to you? It means a lot to people who detest the word “Later”. Deadline is a powerful motivator. Deadline is a struggle to accomplish one’s goal. It is those spirits that took your ass off from bed every morning and go for awesome. Often times, we don’t set deadline for ourselves and that is why we find ourselves in difficult situations sometimes. Later is the word we cherish most.

During my undergraduate years, students were given deadline to submit their course works and projects which if they are not done, there is no way to write exams. I would procrastinate and procrastinate till two days before the deadline and running helter-skelter. This attitude has caused me stress more than anything. I was humiliated because of this attitude and it also cost me more than I could afford. If I had set myself a deadline other than the deadline of the university, I would have been better off; I would be stress free and prepare for exams earlier.

When someone has a goal to accomplish or a dream to pursue one should set a deadline which will literally make one to struggle harder. Trust me, the result will be awesome. Deadline is not just setting a date or a calendar schedule; it’s a struggle, a determination, a focus that let someone reach his goal. Yes, it will be tough, there is no doubt, but at the end you will make it.

If today is your last day, what would you do differently? You have been procrastinating all your life to go for awesome. Fear is winning you over and over. I know you don’t want this for yourself; I know that you want to make things happen and if you really do, then start the project. Say those beautiful words to your loved ones, stop those bad habits, do good deeds as much as you can, say farewell to later and go for awesome. Your deadline is now.

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2013: A Year of Good Books

Good books are like good friends that stood by your side when you need them most. These are the books that got me gray strands (sorry mea culpa), it was actually lack of melanin. These books have widened my horizons of thought and knowledge. They had great impact on me and this is why I am sharing them with you.

The books I relished reading in the year 2013.

Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie

The War of Art; The Warrior Ethos, and Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters by Jon Acuff

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt

The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing by Jeff Goins

Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud

No Brand is an Island by Robert D. Smith

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Putin: God Created Us Equal

620x434President Vladimir V. Putin won my heart with these lovely words in his letter to President Barack Obama and this is the best letter I have ever read this year from a public figure: “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”

Success is a Process

success conceptThis is my routine every day when I visit my Ukrainian grandma—I water the flowers standing on her kitchen windowsill, check her two old mobile phones (check the battery, missed calls and messages, and account balance), measure her blood pressure, prepare her favorite beverage made from chicorée plant which actually helps to reduce her blood pressure, and finally help her in taking her medicines. This is what I do almost every day and it has become a normal activity.

Actually, this is not about me helping someone. We should all help anyway. It’s all about my observations during this routine and how it’s related to success. I observed that the flowers I have been watering almost everyday were not growing, but I keep watering them because she instructed me to do so. I wanted those flowers to grow faster maybe she would tell me to stop watering them. Instead, the flowers refused to grow. I ask myself why would I be feeding something, or putting much effort to some stuff without seeing any changes. We all want success in everything that we do, anything that we put more exertion into. We want quick success and it’s normal for human beings.

depositphotos_3476263-Flowers-and-red-candles-on-window-sillI keep watering the flowers every day, yet no changes. She told me to relax for two days and come after that, so, I did. The next time I visit, I was surprised to see that the flowers have grown, greener, and beautiful. I asked myself, why are they not growing all this while? I was wrong. In fact, I was asking the wrong question. The flowers have been growing and growing every day, but I didn’t notice them because I want quick change, I wanted them to grow earlier than they suppose to. This process is also similar to how success works, too. The water I pour on those flowers is just like our efforts and struggle to make things happen as fast as we want. Success doesn’t grow overnight; it is a process just like how the flowers grow. It will take time. Sometimes, it will take years for success to come.  It needs persistence, courage, effort, and struggle before it comes. If only we understand that this is how success works, that it doesn’t happen out of the thin air, it takes courage, perseverance, and persistence for it to grow.

Are you pursuing that dream of yours? Yes, it’s a process. Do you want to stop that bad habit of yours? Yes, it’s a process. Do you want to live a life of contentment? Yes, it’s a process.  Anything that you think success is to you, it’s a process. All the good things that you want won’t come overnight, it might not even come in a decade, but it will come because it’s a process if only you stick to these—Persistence, Perseverance, Struggle, Effort, and Courage.

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Hair extension: A Slave to Fashion

Who says you are not beautiful with your natural hair? The cult of beauty in the era of globalization has eaten up our women’s soul. There is nothing you can tell those women to convince them that this is a slave to fashion. The cry and the argument will go on forever without them accepting that this so called “fashion” has gone beyond beauty. It’s in fact slavery. Do they even care where those hair extensions come from? I guess not. They are in bondage and in a blind state to even ask as far as they look beautiful. Maybe there should be a concise meaning of beauty; if you are reading this you can kindly define yours.

Most of the hair extensions are gotten from India, Venezuela and other Asian and South American countries. I saw a documentary recently on how Hindu pilgrims donated their hair in a ritual purification and how the hairs were being sold to hair extensions companies. It has now become a commodity and economic resource for some people. As if the Hindu ritual hair donation is enough, but what about in Venezuela where some gangs called “Pirana” has been cutting off women’s hair. The gangs sell the stolen hair to salons which fashion it into braids in this oil-rich and beauty-obsessed country. These are hair extensions you see at your beauty salons and you are not bothered about it because you want to look beautiful.

Your natural hair was not a mistake and your Creator knows what suit you. So why change what God knows it fit you? Why become a slave to fashion because you want to look beautiful? There is no better way to look more beautiful rather than appreciating and maintaining your natural hair and look.

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How many of you can remember words that hurt you or words that gave you hope or words that changed your life? I have never thought of words as a tool of change. In my high school days, I loved to read dictionary in order to improve my diction and vocabulary, but I didn’t realize the impact of words in one’s life. I only learned those words in order to impress my friends and acquaintances.

There is a saying in my country, Nigeria, that–words are hurtful than punishment. I couldn’t understand not until hurtful words are being said to me. Yes, I totally agree that words are painful than punishment. Many folks have committed suicide because of the hateful words being said to them; many have low self-esteem because of the negative words being said to them by their friends and relatives.

There are many things that words do:

  • Words kill faster than bullet
  • Words heal an afflicted soul
  • Words give hope
  • Words extinguish the fear of impossibility
  • Words touch the heart where no one can
  • Words resonate with our senses

Do you want to bring change to your world or give hope to that dying man? Do you want to become a great leader or a great speaker? Then, use words because they matter. Use words carefully in order to bring that change we are all craving.

Words either spoken or written are sometimes provoking, tender, and mild. Words are what make writers different from ordinary men; because with their words they bring hope, wisdom, and the reality of the life we are living. Words matter and that’s why you should make good use of it.

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Help Kids with Dyslexia

I could remember this scenario wide clear at the age of 5 while in Primary school and it went thus: Mr. Adeleke our teacher called out all the pupils in class to read; calling us by our first name till he reached a kid whose name is Fatai. Fatai was just a normal kid whose parents like mine were struggling to give us the best education they can. Mr. Adeleke was very surprised that Fatai could not read. He kept shouting and scolding Fatai as much as he can in order to read, but he couldn’t. What could have went wrong with Fatai? To me and to other pupils in class then, we thought Fatai was a dullard. We laughed at him for not being able to read.

This abuse continues with Fatai that his parents had to stop him from school. Parents who were struggling to pay school fees decided once and for all not to waste their money on the child whose brain is numb. Before Fatai was withdrawn from school, Mr. Adeleke would beat him, punish him and the poor Fatai couldn’t understand why he was suffering for what he is not guilty of.

Many years later, I met Fatai in a carpentry workshop. He is learning the craft of carpentry and he is doing well. I thought, well, maybe he is not interested in schooling in the first place.  I was wrong. The problem with Fatai is dyslexia. Dyslexia is a disorder that makes reading or recognition of words difficult. Don’t get me wrong here. Not all kids that can’t read in the early stage of their lives are victims of dyslexia. Some kids need tough hands. By this, I mean discipline. But, after so much efforts and no positive result then you should know that dyslexia is in place.

How can we help kids with dyslexia? This is not an easy one, but we can still help them. Being dyslexic does not translate to not being creative. Most dyslexics are very creative and are very good at what they do. Parents and teachers should give kids with dyslexia their time in helping them to create strategy to improve their reading skills. They should let them study alone in a quiet place without distractions. They should give them materials like audio books while reading along with them. And finally, they should give them dictation by breaking the syllables in a simplistic way possible.

I hope this would help and stop our parents and teachers for punishing the dyslexics for the crime they are not committing.

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