What’s Your Taste?

We all have our taste. Some people have quantity taste, while some people have quality and awesome taste. Some people have killer and super-duper taste, while some people have average taste. Our taste pushes us to do the work and we usually get the results according to our taste. Your taste will determine the amount of hours you’ll work on something. Your taste defines your personality and the results that you’ll get. When you get the results that match with your taste, only then that you’ll be satisfied.

-MOAB © 2014


Moab’s Apothegm I

1. “Defending your mistakes is just like a fish claiming it can survive on sand better than in water. Always admit your mistakes and make amendment where necessary.”

2. “Either you crawl, walk or run you will surely reach your destination as predestined.”

3. “At the time of distress if the question that comes to your mind is, “why me?” then the answer is, “not only you”. Remember patience keeps you going to your dreamland.”

4. “More is not enough yet still want more.”

5. “If you don’t have inner peace within yourself how can you advocate for peace? Lack of inner peace and preaching it is called deceit.”

6. “If I should write or speak, I would criticize, condemn and even forget about myself. I would rather deal with myself first because my better self will influence others.”

7. “It’s very obvious that there are thousands of short cuts to success in this era of ours, but the problem is that they all lead to destruction.”

8. “Oppressors are those who don’t see equality as everybody’s right and feel inferior in their subconscious mind, but when given opportunity, power, and wealth they feel they’re superior and start oppressing others.”

9. “This life is big full of mysteries but short in living.”

10. “The most precious gift you can give a writer is a pen because he knows its worth and he never underestimate the power of pen.”

-MOAB © 2014

Moab’s Apothegm

1. “Nothing in life is as we expected it to be. Our plans, wishes, desires, dreams, and achievements all lie in God’s decree. If it’s meant to be it will be.”


2. “I have never found joy, happiness, and comfort in anything other than worshipping my Creator, reading, writing, and doing good deeds.”


3. “Tolerance is good but limited. Even the people you tolerate most don’t even care.”


4. “Don’t take your friend’s generosity as stupidity. If you don’t spend yours and keep asking from your friend then you will become a certified beggar while your friend is blessed even more than you think because the hand that gives with sincere heart never lacks.”


5. “That very person that hurt you can also make you happy at the end. Never condemn totally, we are all human and there is good in us all.”


6. “It is because I fell in love with words that’s why I write in my own words to inspire the people around the world.”


7. “Most places of distraction are also places where your voice can be heard.”


8. “Being intelligent is not all about solving mathematics or physics, but how fast you’re in your thought and reason to solve a problem when needed, then you’re intelligent.”


9. “Money can buy my jacket, shirts, and shoes but money cannot buy my struggles when there is nothing because they’re my achievements.”


10. “Teacher matters in every aspect of life. Everyone of us can point to a teacher that motivated us and changed our lives. But to me, the best of all my teachers is my mom.”

-MOAB © 2014

Why-Did-I-Do-This Moment

Why-Did-I-Do-This Moment

We all have our why-did-I-do-this moment. Moment of regrets, shame, remorse, and guilt. I don’t know what yours are, but I am sure you do have one. The idea of living life without regret is not realistic, so to say; because it’s part of human to feel guilt after doing something bad, it’s part of us to look back at our past. And, when this happen just forgive yourself and move on. Thank God that you are no more in that past and your present is full of hope.

Writing appetite


Sincerely, I am struggling with my writing. This is not a writer’s block, I know that for sure. It’s more than that. Maybe I am getting too much information that is, reading too much of different genre of books which are diverting my thoughts to something else. I have got an essay to finish and I have also got an eBook to complete.