What does Art mean to you? Art comes in different forms. For some people—it is painting, music, theatre, writing, dancing, photography and many among others. It is a diverse range of human creativity and its aims have gone beyond reach. Art is an innate gift from above. I don’t care what definition scholars and philosophers gave to it. Art should simply be called creativity.  I do value and respect all artists’ works both past and present for they have let us know their hearts and observations with their creativity.

For me, the art of writing is what I chose to pursue. The art of writing has helped human race to know the hearts, thoughts, and observations of great men with the act of reading.

Art is cool and so is writing. A writer who does not write for fame writes with sincerity. Sincerity makes a good writer the better.  I have read many interesting books and my conclusion is that, writers write what they believe in without seeking for other people’s approval. It’s left to the readers to decide whether they agree with it or not. This has made me to decide to write whatever I believe in and leave the rest to my readers.

I have chosen this part of art and now, all I do is to write, write, and write until I get it right. I want to inspire the world I live in with my own words and it’s only via the art of writing that I can make this happen.

Art is cool and so is your creativity. Don’t cheat the world with your creativity by not sharing it. The world needs your creative ideas.

I write Stories, Poetry, Inspirational and Motivational Quotes, and Art-Tee-Cools (Articles). Click in the Sub Menu of Art-Is-Cool for more of my writings.

-MOAB © 2013

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