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My 100th Blog Post

Last year, I took a decision and started a fully hosted blog. Before I started, I delayed and procrastinated the launch of the blog until I read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art. I learned that Resistance is the enemy that’s holding me back from starting a blog. So I fought Resistance and started blogging.

The first month of my blogging experience was terrible and I called it quit. A month after that, I conquered fear, and started blogging often. Today, I posted my 100th blog post. I had never thought that I’ll reach this stage. I had never imagined that my blog posts will touch lives far away from me. And this is why I write. To make a difference and inspire lives beyond my reach.

Yes, I’ve not reached the peak but I believe that I can do better. And so are you. Don’t listen to that voice saying “you-can’t do-it.” You can do it if you’re ready and determined. You can make it happen because you possess the ability of greatness in you. If you’re thinking that you’re not good enough, then you’re lying to yourself. Start something today, fight for a cause and make things happen. Who knows maybe you might be the next Ernest Hemingway, or the next Steve Jobs. Just decide today and start.
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What Do You Enjoy Doing?

This is what I do every day: I fight the blank page and fill it with words. It doesn’t matter if these words make sense or not. It doesn’t matter if it will go far beyond my reach. I don’t care. I try as much as possible to fulfill my duty as a writer and write just like I’m doing now. No writer’s block whatsoever. No perfect first draft (it doesn’t exist). Just me and my words. I just put these words down the way I feel when talking to people. I place my argument forward; sometimes with humor and defend it to the last drop of my blood until I’m proven wrong, then I succumb. And this is how I write every day. It’s a discipline that I’m learning now. I just write and leave the rest. I enjoy it and I don’t think there’s anything I can do better than writing. What do you enjoy doing, folks?

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Don’t Ask For A Map

Last month, I was in the street of Warsaw, Poland, trying to find my way back to the dorm I rented (Mind you, hotels are expensive in Warsaw). It’s summer, but it wasn’t in Warsaw as the weather was chill just like in spring. I only had summer outfits on because I thought summer all over the Europe would be hot. This is not my first time in Poland; the last time I was there it was cold as it was in winter. This time, I planned to enjoy my summer and do some sightseeing in the beautiful city of Warsaw.

I visited a friend there and on my way back I couldn’t find my way to the bus stop. My friend had told me the number of the bus to board and described the bus stop, but I couldn’t get it. The problem is not how to get to my destination but how to get the direction to where I could get a bus to my destination.

Photo Credit: Archer10 (Dennis) via Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Archer10 (Dennis) via Creative Commons

The bus stop was not far from the Warsaw Centralna (Rail way station). If you’ve ever been to any rail way station in Europe, you’ll understand how beautiful, big, and complicated they are, especially the subways and underground which have different entrances and exits. I know that one of the exits lead to the bus stop to my destination and I kept searching.

At one point, I called my friend and asked him to describe the way to the bus stop again, but yet, I didn’t get it. I kept searching until I figured it out myself. I even asked some Polish and they didn’t know where I was going. I was lost, but found myself later. I figured it out myself and knew more roads to my destination.

Don’t ask for a map, just figure things out yourself. If you get lost, you’ll find more ways to your destination. Sure, it’ll take more of your time but if you’ve the time and want to know more, then go get lost, wander, and you’ll discover things yourself.

Sometimes it’s good to ask when you’re lost so that people who know can lead you to your destination. People (maps, books, manuals) might fail you and you’ve to learn how to figure things out yourself. Go wander, get lost and I bet you’ll find yourself. Don’t ask for a map. Learn how to figure things out yourself.
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I will Do Better If…

If I were in his/her position, I’ll do better.
If I have more time, I’ll do better.
If I were born in America, I’ll do better.
If my family were rich, I’ll do better.
If I weren’t black, I’ll do better.
These are the statements of the naysayers, of the procrastinators.
They’ve millions of excuses in their bank account.
They love tomorrow like no one else.
They’re allergic to “now.”
They’re experts in all fields but they won’t start one.
They love talking but detest action.
They love to whine about everything.
If the weather isn’t good, they take it as another excuse.
They know more than their peer-groups.
They argue, argue, and argue.
But they have nothing to show for it.
They wish, wish, and wish as if wishing is a strategy.
You better don’t be like these folks.
You can only get better at what you start.
Start something. Start small. Be persistent.
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Step Up Your Game And Go Pro

You see, being a dilettante won’t take you far in your endeavor, but the reality is that you must start from somewhere. Of course, as an amateur. No one is born a professional, but that doesn’t mean one should be stuck in an “amateur-land.” There’s a difference between vocation and avocation. And do you know who understands this better? This guy, Muhammed Tosin Abdullahi, understands it and lives the life of a pro. I’m always in awe how he runs his blog and how he responds to his email even though you approach him informally like I always do. 🙂

Photo Credit: Nick Kenrick  via Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Nick Kenrick via Creative Commons

Before someone asks me in the comments, “what’s the difference between vocation and avocation?” Let me boil it down here: vocation is more of a calling, passion turned into fortune (income) while taking it as a profession and avocation is a hobby that you might quit if criticized once.

You see the difference? If not, let me cite Steven Pressfield’s take on this in his book The War of Art: “The amateur plays for fun. The professional plays for keeps. To the amateur, the game is his avocation. To the pro it’s his vocation. The amateur plays part-time, the professional full-time. The amateur is a weekend warrior. The professional is there seven days a week …The professional loves it so much he dedicates his life to it. He commits full-time.”

Which one are you? A professional or an amateur? If you’re the former, congrats and keep it up, but if you’re the latter, all hope is not lost. You can still become one by deciding now. Your task: Show up every day.

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Lottery, Poker and Whatnot

These, of course, are shortcuts to fortune. They’re faster than any known endeavor you’ve ever dreamed of. If you’ve ever tried any of these before, you’d probably understand it better that no one ever tries it once and hit it. More efforts, energy, and time are being spent on these ventures before you hit it and you might as well not hit it because, after all, they’re shortcuts.

The reality about these ventures is that you’re stealing from yourself by wasting the same amount of energy, effort and time that should be spent on your creativity (ability to make things happen) toward the things that won’t last forever. Shortcuts are meant to be short, anyway. So, you get the bigger picture of what shortcuts are.

Realization and Self Awareness: Find yourself, know who you are and believe in yourself. You’ve what it takes to make things happen. People who love shortcuts are those who think they’re not good enough, they think they don’t have the ability to make things happen and make it in life. Of course, hard work pays, but if you spend your effort on shortcuts, then it’s no more hard work.

Circumstances: Yes, you’ve found yourself in a bad situation; you’ve seen and encountered many trials and tribulations, but all these won’t last forever. I know, from personal experience, that one will be tempted at one point to pursue the fastest means to fortune, but believe me, patience is a fortune. It will buy whatever you want or need in life and hereafter.
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We Don’t Need More Information, We Need More Action

Information, they say is vital in our everyday life. And who am I to deny this fact? It’s true that information is vital but the question is, “Why are we not seeing the changes we’re craving for?” Is it lack of information or lack of action? The truth is, the world is flooded with vital information, but people don’t act on it.

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (

For example, I’ve seen people who buy phones that came with a manual (information) and when they need to do some simple settings or solve a simple problem, they take it to a repairer or to the so called expert to help them out.

The funniest thing sometimes is that the repairer or the expert also can’t solve the problem until he reads the manual of the phone. So, he’ll request for the manual. Isn’t it funny that people pay for the solution they already had because they’re not ready to act? It’s not because they lacked information or they’re illiterate. No. It’s because they’re too lazy to act on the information they possess.

These people believe that it’s only some selected group of people that are gifted to make things happen. They believe that one has to possess one magical skill to make things work out. Just like the example of the manual, most times we have the information to do things but lack action to make it happen. We don’t need more information, folks. All we need is more action. Act on the little information you possess now and I bet it’ll make a difference in your life and in the community you live in. Start something!
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