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Bird by Bird

There are many ideas flowing and swirling around in my head. I’m not special because we all have ideas. I’ve 5 (almost finished/ get stuck) books. Do you know why I didn’t finish writing them? It’s because there are many things I wanted to write about. As I am writing one, another idea pops in, and then I drop it, and go to another. Do you want to be like me? I guess you don’t want that. Of course, you want to be an achiever. You want to be awesome. So, how can you be one? It’s simple! Just take it bird by bird. Choose one goal at a time and accomplish it before going to another one. Continue reading


Showing Up is Hope

Photo credit: Seyyed Mostafa Zamani:

Photo credit: Seyyed Mostafa Zamani:

Have you dreamed of becoming a linchpin in the industry? I guess we all do. We’ve all dreamed of becoming the next rich man or the most influential person or the best writer. We dream, dream, and dream, and yet nothing shows up.

This reality made me to think of Nigerian market women whose goods is not more than $100 and yet they show up every day. I can’t just seem to understand what kept them showing up at the market knowing that they’ll not buy Rolls Royce tomorrow. What do they believe in? Hope. Continue reading

Moabsophy 101: A List of What I Have Learned So Far in Life

life-isDon’t let the title push you away. This is not a course. I have not lived long, but I’ve learned a lot of things some of which I’m doing my best to accomplish even though I know that they’re difficult to do. I’ve gained a lot from these things and I would like you to gain from them, too. It’s a compilation of what I’ve learned so far in my life while I’m still struggling with them too. Trust me, you’ll learn from it if you stick with me and read below: Continue reading

An Essential Open Letter to Foreign Students in Ukraine This Spring

Hi, fellow foreign students in Ukraine. I’m back with another letter as I promised in winter. Oh yeah! It’s spring. The season of light shower, warmth and chill. Are you ready for this season? I can hear someone scream, “Yes”. Ok, let’s go!

This letter is not going to deal with how you should dress in this spring (for those of you who are fashion maniacs), but going to state how you can manage your finances as a student (financial management). Continue reading

Be Grateful For Your Stories, No Matter What.

Oprah-Quote-2“I have suffered a lot” a friend said to me. I replied him saying, “You’ve not suffered more than I have.” This is the argument and conversation we have with people when telling them our stories. We always think that “we” are the only person that had suffered or encountered many problems which is not true.

Yes, it’s true that our stories vary from others but none of us can ever deny that others have not encountered challenges and obstacles in life, too. The mistake we frequently make is to think that we’ve suffered more than others. We don’t stop to consider that other people have suffered as much as we even to some degree or in some cases even more than we have. Continue reading