About Me

K-ii_p50My name is Muhiz, the mastermind behind moabsophy. MOAB is the acronym of my full name. I guess you can decipher the first letter which is Muhiz. I will leave the rest for you to keep guessing. The suffix attached to MOAB is SOPHY and it’s originated from a Greek word “Sophia” which means “Wisdom”. I believe the only way to pass the wisdom acquired from my daily observations and stories to others is via writing. And, indeed in every story, and event there is a lesson and wisdom behind it.

I was inspired to start this blog after reading Steven Pressfield‘s book The War of Art which actually put my ass where my heart is. I have been procrastinating to write all my life for many unknown reasons and now the shackle has been cut off, so here I am writing. In this noisy world, to write is to break one’s silence. Writing is a struggle against silence; because no one cares to listen anymore. We all have creative ideas to change the world and mine is writing. You can also achieve yours and start doing what you enjoy doing. There is no going back and you should never settle for less. Make your passion your profession.


4 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thanks. I am humbled to hear this. You can also make it hapoen too. We have all have ideas that can change the world. Bring it on and make it happen 🙂

      • You’re welcome. And please do stay humble. Right now, I’ll start with changing myself for the better before changing the word. ^_^

        You know, at first I thought you’re a female, must be with the pink theme of your blog. Anyway, keep writing inspiring blogs!

      • Oh as for the pink color, I have been looking for a theme to match this blog. I will change it soon when I see the one I like. Thanks for your positive comment. I checked out your blog and it is awesome. Keep writing, change yourself as your better self is an inspiration to the world.

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