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Make Art Your Act

Photo Credit: Sherrys Soiledwings via

Photo Credit: Sherrys Soiledwings via

The phenomenal woman passed away this week. She inspired lives with her art. Ever since her demise, many people have been writing about her life, from quotes to books, and about her speeches, interviews, and many more.

Maybe I should follow the crowd and write mine, but why? We were taught not to follow the crowd and be different. But when the crowd is doing things that matter, then you should follow them and do it differently. And this is what I’m doing now. This is an acrostic of Maya Angelou.

A—Act, because
O—Openness and

She demonstrated all these and that’s what made her different. She used her art to make a difference. So, make art your act because art needs gratitude, empathy, love, openness, and understanding.
—MOAB © 2014


When Money Isn’t Everything

Photo credit: Seyyed Mostafa Zamani:

Photo credit: Seyyed Mostafa Zamani:

Here’s a shocking secret about me: I’m a Cynophobe. If that one’s not shocking enough, here’s another one: I’m an Ailurophobe. In simple English: I’ve the fear of dogs and also the fear of cats. I guess we all have our phobias and I’m no different.

There’s a reason why I fear dogs. It’s because I’ve been bitten by a dog before. And as for cats, I guess it’s related to my cultural beliefs and how cats are being portrayed in Nigerian movies.

Some weeks ago, a cat in my dorm followed me while I was going to the kitchen. It seemed the cat was hungry, but not sure what to give it to eat. It kept mewing and followed me back to my room. I ran into my room quickly and shut the door because I don’t want it to enter my room. I looked for food that I could give to the cat, but I couldn’t find any. There’s no food. I’m just about to cook and moreover I don’t know what cats like to eat. Continue reading

Stop Trying So Hard And Make It Fun Instead

life-isSome months ago while I was going to the post office to pick up a parcel sent by a friend, I saw 2 kids (age 5 and 7, a boy and a girl). The boy is the oldest. They were both playing together when the boy showed the girl how to hop from one spot to another. After hopping, he asked the girl to do the same.

The girl hopped, but she didn’t get it right. He asked her to try again and again. The girl kept doing it and trying harder, but she never got tired. I was just wondering what kept this girl to continue hopping even when she’s not getting it right.

What’s the secret behind her energy?


Yes, fun. She was having fun while trying harder to hop from point A to point B. Sometimes we don’t have to try harder but have fun. Trying harder wears us out when we don’t have fun with it.

So, whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re trying harder to accomplish just make it fun and you’ll still have the energy to continue because if you don’t make it fun, it’ll wear you out and make you throw in the towel.

Remember, stop trying so hard and make it fun instead.
-MOAB © 2014


Change is constant,
But it’s hard.
It stifles your mind to stay where you are.
It tells you stories of your past and your present.
It wants you to be safe.
It prevents you from being awesome.
Even though, change knows that you need change.
Yet, it gives you thousands of excuses not to change.

To change is to start.
Find where you need change in your life,
And let it start now.

Change is a process.
It’ll trick you for weeks,
Or for months,
And you’ll get tired,
Because you haven’t seen it yet.

Change is stubborn.
It’ll never come on time.
Sometimes it takes months or years.
But, in the end,
If you persist enough,
It’ll surely come.

Change loves consistency.
Change loves persistency.
Change loves patience.
Change loves hard-work.
Just give change all it wants,
Then you’ll see change come easily.

When you talk, talk change.
When you learn, learn change.
When you look, look change.
When you see, see change.
When you breathe, breathe change.
When you eat, eat change.
When you sleep, sleep change.
When you drive, drive change.
For without change,
There’s no life.
-MOAB © 2014

Look For Just One Right Thing

This is what happened to me just now when I’m about to prepare my favorite coffee (MacCoffee). MacCoffee is a combination of coffee, milk and sugar (It’s called 3 in 1). I usually have it with more milk to make it richer. I poured some milk in a cup, added some sugar, poured hot water, and then started stirring in anticipation for it to look brownish. I was stirring harder, but still, there’s no change. I stirred it again and later realized that I didn’t add the MacCoffee in the first place. Since I didn’t add the MacCoffee, there’s no hope of having a brownish coffee (no result).

What does this scenario have to do with your life? It’s simple. In life, sometimes, hard work doesn’t really matter if you’re not doing the right thing or if you don’t add the necessary thing, you won’t get the result that you want. Just like when I was stirring the milk without adding the MacCoffee.

Getting the result one wants is all about having or knowing the right thing, plus, one’s effort. If you’re struggling and still thinking of how to get the result you want, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if you have the right skill or knowledge, or maybe there’s something you need to add to make things happen.

The right thing might be small or big, but if you don’t add it to your effort, you’ll never get the result that you’re looking for. Go now and find just one right thing to add into your life (be it right tools, materials, knowledge, and connection).
-MOAB © 2014

Frequently Vs Fluently: How I wrongfully Used Both Words In A Letter

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (

It’s almost 10 years now since I graduated from high school. That’s pretty long, huh? You can say that again. I was just 16 then. Many of you will be doing some calculations to know how old I am now. Who cares? I’m 26 by the way (just to save you from the stress of calculation). Many of my classmates then now have kids within the age of 1-10 years. And me? Nothing. No girlfriend. No wife-to-be. Just me and my beliefs. You can call it strange, but that’s just the way I do things.

Sorry for digressing a bit. This writing is not about having kids, but about a messy mistake I made after graduating from high school. Some months after my graduation, I opted for a teaching job in a local school just a 10-15 minute walk away from my house. I wrote an application letter and in it I wrote how responsible, diligent, honest, and many other lies that we all include in our resumes and application letters when applying for a job. Many of us do it. Continue reading


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou

There are many reasons why people write. It varies. Some people write for money, fame, glory, and legacy. While some other people write to break their silence, they write because no one cares to listen, they write because they want to start a revolution, they write because they want to inspire lives, and they also write to let people know they’re not alone in their journey in life. The reasons why people write could go on and on.
Now, the question is for you reading this, “why do you want to write?”

To write is to break one’s silence. I believe writing is a struggle against silence and you’ve got stories to share with the world.The story that only you understand, the story that belongs to you, the story that you’ve kept with you for years, the story that could change and inspire lives and if you don’t write it then you will be living a miserable life. Yes, that’s the reality of the people who find it difficult to break their silence. Breaking your silence is all about change and not only about your ideas and thoughts.

If you have something that it’s not going right, if you know things that need change, but no one is bold enough to talk about them, then break your silence with a pen and write. Do you want to change people’s perspective of where you came from, of who you’re, of your worldview? Then write and inspire lives beyond your reach.

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