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Make Hay

When the sun is not shining, make hay
When the sun shines, make hay
When it rains, make hay
Even in the haze, make hay
When things seem impossible, make hay
When people scream, “you can’t,” make hay
When the odds are against you, make hay
When fear strikes, make hay
Even in isolation, make hay
When there’s no aid, make hay
When opportunity knocks, make hay
When it doesn’t, make hay
When your internet connection stops working, make hay
When you’re not recognized or applauded for your work, make hay
When and when the world comes to an end, make hay
No matter what circumstances you find yourself, make hay
And make good hay
Because there’s nothing that beats making a difference
So go make hay
-MOAB © 2015


Leave the Wrong Story

“If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.” –Mo Willems

Many people find it hard to admit that they’re in the wrong story. By wrong story, I mean the people we associate with. Because, after all, we’re all stories in the first place. Our relatives, friends, colleagues, mates, and acquaintances are stories we can’t live without. But, whenever you find yourself in the wrong story, it’s time to call it quit. It’s time to leave and find a story that suits your aspiration.

Believe me, this is the problem that many people struggle with. And most times, they don’t even know that they’re in the wrong story because of the evanescent benefit and pleasure they gain in the story. It takes self-awareness, courage to recognize that one is in the wrong story.

Don’t neglect the signs of the wrong story if you ever see one. I repeat, leave the wrong story. No matter who the person is, if the story is not adding value to your life, leave. Simple as that. Go!
-MOAB © 2015

Be Human

imagesI hate it when people pretend to be strong, when they pretend to be perfect, when they pretend that they don’t love or hate something, and when they pretend that they don’t need other people. This is crazy! These people end up being depressed and clueless about their purpose in life.

What does it take to be human? To be human is to be vulnerable. To be human is to have empathy for others. To be human is to accept failure and defeat. To be human is to share your struggles and stories with others. To be human is to acknowledge that we’re all equal, that we all have fears, passions, desires, virtues and vices in us.

I don’t care whatever you possess as a human being, just be human. And in spite of all this, to be human is to accept who you are and struggle to become a better person. Be human, folks!
-MOAB © 2015

We Don’t Need Your Grammar; We Only Need Your Story

write-it-downI know many people with mind-blowing stories. Their stories always captivate my heart whenever I listen to them. But here is the problem: they won’t write their stories for others to read. They’re afraid that their grammar sucks. That people will not read their stories if it’s full of grammatical errors.

Many bestselling authors are not grammar gurus. Even Steven Pressfield admitted that he’s still struggling to differentiate between “it’s” and “its.” And you know what? He’s written many books and many of them are bestsellers.

I wonder why people are so conscious of their grammar more than their stories. Your story is you. It doesn’t need any grammar to make a difference. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that basic grammar should be ignored. But my point is this: grammar does not make good story.

No one has ever said: “that story is inspiring because of its grammar.” It’s inspiring because it’s your story. Because of the connection and the message it passes across. Story connects us together as human beings. And that’s why you must write yours for us to read. We don’t need your grammar; we only need your story.

Don’t be afraid to write your story because you don’t know who it might inspire. Will you start writing your story today? I’d love to hear from you. Go!
-MOAB © 2015


I’ve failed, not once but many times. And I’ll still fail. Sometimes we think that failure is as a result of lack of preparation. Well, this might be true in school examinations. But in other endeavors, failure is a must. Because success is not guaranteed. No one can say what he/she is doing right now is a sure bet. No matter how prepared you are, there are chances that you’ll fail.

Failure is part of us. You can’t escape from it. We’ve been dealing with failure ever since we’re toddlers. Did you remember how many times you fall while learning how to walk? A lot.

What did we do then? We picked ourselves up and try again. That’s the word success loves: try. When you fail, try again. Success is the accumulation of failures with perseverance. In fact, the more you fail at something, the better you become at it. Fail your way to success, dearie.

Don’t let temporary failure stop you from trying again. For behind every success story there are thousands of failures. What you do when you fail is all that counts. Whether you learn from it and try again, or you stop trying for the fear of failure. I urge you to try something today, fail at it, learn from it, and try again. Go!

Photo Credit: Mike Chaput

Photo Credit: Mike Chaput

-MOAB © 2015

Idea and Execution

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (flickr.com)

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (flickr.com)

Idea is cheap, it’s everywhere and we all have it. But most times, our ideas die in isolation when we’re daydreaming without taking action.

Execution is hard, expensive and it comes with a lot of sacrifices, and that’s why we rarely do it. On top of that, there are forces that make execution even harder than ever—fear, criticism, resistance, and other excuses.

But execution isn’t that hard as we might have thought before, it only requires the courage to act in spite of all odds. It doesn’t require you to have big and broad chest to do that. Just a single small step to show that you’re ready and act.

What are the ideas boiling down in your head right now? Write the darn thing down, take a small step towards it by knowing how to execute it, then repeat the process any time a new, fresh idea hit you.  An idea is powerless if it stays inside of you. You have to act to make it happen. Go!

-MOAB © 2015

Fear and The Rest of Us

Fear is real and natural. We are all afraid of something no matter how courageous we might claim to be. This is why we flinch when a blow or punch is feigned at us. We wanted to protect ourselves and be safe. Fear grips our minds for safety. But here’s the thing: great things don’t happen in safety zone. One has to move out, get hit, not once but many times in order to achieve greatness.

But fear is stubborn. You can’t fight it to a standstill, it’ll always be there. Apart from being part of us, it uses other people against us. People who are close to us.

Fear is contagious. I found a correlation in a prank video where people walking on the street suddenly duck for no reason, then other people walking alongside joined them. No one asked why these people ducked; they thought it’s better to duck because others did. They joined the train of fear because they wanted to be safe. This is how fear works, it becomes real when we see that others are afraid too.

departmentThere’s something interesting I saw in the prank video apart from the people who contracted fear from others. There were people who didn’t duck, who chose to be different, who were brave enough to look forward and realize that there was nothing to be afraid of, not because they’re strong or immune to fear but because they ignored the fear in others and move on.

This is what separates the doers from the dreamers. The doers have fears too but act anyway. But the dreamers have fears, but allow their fears to shrink them and that’s why they duck and hide. They wanted to be safe and live a pain-free life. Which one are you? The doers or the dreamers? Join the doers today, the courageous men who don’t care about the bullshit fear tells them. Go try whatever you’re afraid of today. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it just has to be done. Go!

-MOAB © 2015