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Small is Beautiful

Photo Credit: The Tiny House Film

In this world of big things, small things are no more appreciated. Perhaps people have forgotten that it’s small things that become big things. We all want a big idea to change the world. We all want something big to change our current status. They will never happen until we embrace small things, too.

I know that you wanted something good for yourself and the world, but one thing is stopping you from doing it. You’ve been telling yourself that if only you’ve enough you’ll help that clochard on the street, if only you’ve millions of dollars you’ll start that business and create job opportunities for the youth; if only you have this and that and so on that you will make things happen. Continue reading


Has “You Can Do It” Become a Cliché?

Photo Credit: Planet Mine Craft

Many of us have probably heard this phrase “You can do it” on many occasions. Yes, sure you can, but one wonders why this phrase is becoming more popular than it was previously. Is it because people are tired of saying, “you can’t do it”? And in their effort to be positive they have decided to find another way of pushing us back by saying “you can do it” even when they know you will never do it because that’s the trending phrase now.

This is common among people who have no idea of what they’re talking about, but they just want to be positive. They inadvertently lie because they don’t have enough knowledge to conclude whether you can or you can’t do it. Continue reading

How to Influence the Influencers

Photo Credit: Ronnie Tabor

It’s common among people to lament and whine about the rich and other influential people out there that they don’t want to help. You have forgotten that they also struggled to obtain the wealth they possess and they’re still struggling to maintain it.

So, how can you influence the influencers?
Continue reading

How My University Dormitory Kitchen Made Me a Global Citizen

imagesA dormitory kitchen and being a global citizen, how do they relate? Keep calm and read along. Oftentimes, I have been asked by some friends that, “why do I still live in the university dorm?” My answer has always been concise “I want to learn”. You want to learn or you can’t afford staying in an apartment, they asked? Well, I want to learn and forget about the financial stress of staying in an apartment.

What do you want to learn from there? After all, it’s just a bunch of untidy, disturbing, no privacy place to live. And you know what? They will never understand.

My dormitory is a 5 story building. Each floor has 20 rooms with a general kitchen for all students to do their cooking. That’s big number, huh? Yes, you can say that again. Continue reading

Why you should Like my Post and Share it Among Others Before I Become the Next Celebrity

This is not an appeal folks! It’s neither a ballyhoo (hype) nor attention seeking, too. Why am I saying this now? It’s because many folks have told me that they see my writings on Facebook and I was like “but you never liked it nor shared it with others” so, why telling me?

If you see any of my writings on Facebook or on my blog and it resonates with you, like it and share it.

Are you waiting till I write the next New York Times Bestseller before you decide that my writings worth liking and sharing? If you’re that person, then I am telling you now that it will be late by then. The ones I will recognize and notice are the ones who when my writings suck they still like it and encourage me to do better. Continue reading

One Thing that stopped me From Attempting to Ride a Bicycle

Fear! We’ve all heard this word before. It’s the word that stops us from not trying new things. It’s the word that gives us rational and flimsy excuses not to even try to pursue being awesome much less attain it. Fear is real. It’s the feeling that stopped me from attempting to ride a bicycle. You may ask, “Are you kidding?” No, I’m not. Are you surprised that I can’t ride a bicycle? Don’t be! That’s what fear has done to me. I was afraid that I will get injured if I dare to try it.

Fear has knocked me down many times and I know that the same thing has happened to you, as it happens to everyone. Continue reading

Art is Cool

What does Art mean to you? Art comes in different forms. For some people—it is painting, music, theatre, writing, dancing, photography and many among others. It is a diverse range of human creativity and its aims have gone beyond reach. Art is an innate gift from above. I don’t care what definition scholars and philosophers gave to it. Art should simply be called creativity.  I do value and respect all artists’ works both past and present for they have let us know their hearts and observations with their creativity. Continue reading