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Travel Changes One’s Worldview

Photo Credit: Nick Kenrick  via Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Nick Kenrick via Creative Commons

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”
—Mark Twain

The day I stepped outside of my shore (comfort zone) was the day I started seeing things differently. I’ve been to many places, lived, mixed and played with people of different colors, characters, and attitudes. And I’ve learned that people are people, everywhere. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, I find it difficult to quickly judge or condemn people.

Travel has changed my worldview about people in spite of their race, religion or status. I’ve met awesome people and also the opposite. I’ve been loved by people who are not from my race, I’ve been shown generosity by people whose religion is different from mine, and I’ve been embraced by people of higher status.

All this makes my heart melt. That there are beautiful people everywhere. And when these people tell me their stories, I feel connected that I’m home away from home. Yes, we might have different culture, upbringing, and family background, but the bottom line is—we’re all human beings. We all possess virtues and vices inside us.

Travel has eliminated these words from my dictionary, from my life—prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. So, I urge you to travel, get out of your comfort zone, go see other places, and live with other people in order to get rid of these words. Travel to a nearby city or country, go learn a new language, and mix with others. Go live a life free of prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. Go!
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TED Talks

This is another platform where I spend most of my time whenever I’m not doing something serious. Or times when reading becomes boring and tiring, then TED Talks become the alternative. Within or less than 20 minutes talk, my motivating spirit get elevated, my thinking and creative cap refreshed, and my inspiring vest renewed.

I’ve listened and watched several TED Talks, and I must confess that these talks are life-changing. So I urge you to at least listen and watch one TED Talks video a week. You’ll never regret doing so. TED Talks rock!

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Clear Your Mind of Can’t

departmentOne of the things that stop us from doing what we’re able to do is the negative voice that says, “You can’t.” That voice roaring “you can’t” is not only living inside you, but also appears in disguise as friends, family, and loved ones. “After all, they want the best for you,” the negative voice would say.

They’ll join your negative voice and you’ll feel like they’re right. No, they aren’t. They’ll go further to elaborate the outcome of what you haven’t done yet, probably failure (shame). And this, you don’t want for yourself. You don’t want to be put to shame.

What’s your job? It’s easy. Clear your mind of can’t. Ask yourself a brutal, hard question: “Do I have passion for this?” If your answer is yes, then you can do it. I have often written that most “yes, you can” are not true until one asks himself if he truly has passion for it. For passion drives you to your dreamland. It helps you fight your negative voice and it’ll push you to do what you thought is impossible. So, clear your mind of can’t because if you have passion for it, you can do it. Go!

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success conceptOne of the things I fear most in life is change. Because it always comes in two possible ways—positive and negative. This always scares me because change is constant and one of the two will surely happen.

Oftentimes I hear husbands say, “Their wives have changed,” and I hear wives say, “Their husbands have changed.” They never expected them to change. It’s a mistake not to accept that change won’t come in one of these two ways. We’re all going to change. Either from negative to positive or from positive to negative.

And this is why I’m afraid. I’m afraid that I might change from positive to negative while hopeful that I might change from negative to positive. In order to achieve positive change, one needs to struggle and wrestle with oneself and other distractions. This is hard work. It doesn’t come easily. It’s everyday thing. The same way negative change is an everyday thing.

Change is a process. It’s scary. And it’s part of us. We won’t grow without change. So if you want positive change in your life, then be ready to pay the price which is—hard-work, consistency, patience, perseverance, and determination.

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