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The “Don’t” Instructions

images (1)Growing up as a kid, I was bombarded with many “don’t” instructions:
Don’t answer any strangers.
Don’t stay outside for too long.
Don’t touch the T.V.
Don’t play a lot.
Don’t do this and that, and many other ridiculous don’ts.

I think all parents do this to their kids and of course, they have good intentions. They wanted to protect their kids from evil and also wanted them to behave well.

Sometimes these “don’t” instructions are mistakenly used as moral instructions. Yes, some of them are, but they’re two different things. The “don’t” instructions instill fear in kids not to dream, explore, and follow their guts and instincts. This is the number one reason why many people are still afraid to try, because they still have the “don’t” instructions boiling in their heads.

Now, you’re free to choose and you have the “can” instructions in your hands. You can do anything, dream, explore and follow your guts and instincts for the purpose of creating change. So, what are you waiting for? There are no more “don’t” instructions. Start something today, because you can.
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How Hard Is It To Try?

It’s extremely difficult to try something new no matter how simple it is, because of the unknown outcome. Fear (including people who have tried before, apparently they’re fear in disguise) will try to persuade you not to try because they’ve tried and failed.

Their stories/testimonies always come with this slogan “don’t try,” because if you do, you’ll join the league of failures and of course you don’t want that. No one wants/loves failure. So, this makes trying so difficult.

In spite of all this, some people still dare to try; they dare to take risk and turn their backs to the people who might want to blame them for failing. Because sometimes, the outcome of failure is blame.

The thing is; turning your back to the people who might want to blame you for failing is a good strategy to moving forward in life. Or better this way, if you’re not afraid of trying, of failing, then you shouldn’t be afraid of people who might want to blame you for your failures. You must have the courage to tell them that failure is part of human nature. If you don’t fail, you won’t grow and move forward in life.

Is there something you have wanted to try but you’re afraid of taking the leap? Write it down and try it today. There are only two options: Is either you succeed or fail. If you try and succeed, it’s a win-win for you. And if you try and fail, it’s a win-win for you, too. So, what do you have to lose, folks? Nothing. Try something today, folks.
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Baby Steps


Typing for the 10th time already. I keep typing and deleting, fear? oh yes, I’m scared. Scared because it is my first post and I don’t know how to start. Then I remembered the conversation I had with a friend, he said “you don’t have to start big, start small”. Then it hit me, I just have to start!

Ever had anything in mind for so long that you want to do? Something you really love, something you’ve got passion for? just start! Take baby steps, you’ll be amazed by how far you can go with that first step.

Let me stop now. Don’t forget to START!1459287_1476875519261499_2814044160302671444_n

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Being Genius: What Does It Take?

1526549_1404898706422565_1816099743_n“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”
–Thomas A. Edison

Anytime I come across something genius or something great, I always think about the amount of hours put in before it came into existence. The brainstorming of ideas, the mistakes and failures, and the perseverance to making it happen. It ain’t easy. It’s hard work. A genius (great, enchanting, and wow) work doesn’t come out of the thin air. You have to put in the hours, that is why Edison said genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration. Want to do something great? Put in the hours and do the work, you’ll surely get there.
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What’s Art For?

Art has a diverse range of meanings and most people don’t know what art is for and why we need art. We all need art because art is love, courage, understanding, openness, empathy, gratitude, and discovery. We’re all artists. No matter what you do, you’re an artist.

Art lives in us. We breathe it every day. But most people think of art otherwise. Actually, art should be our best friend just like books because art comprises of everything. Don’t let the society chase you away from being an artist. Watch the video above and know what art is for and why you should pursue art.

5 Things I Learned From Learning a Bicycle As an Adult

images (1)1.  You can learn anything in life if you are determined to do so. (It’s never too late to learn)
2. Be vulnerable (you’ll make mistakes, you’ll get hurt, people will laugh at you, but never let that stop you from learning).
3. Take it slow (learning takes time and there’s no overnight success. You don’t need to rush to make things happen, take it slow)
4. Pedal harder (put more efforts). I realized that it’s the pedal that moves the bicycle, so you need to do the work to move forward in life.
5. Find a balance (without a balance, a bicycle would stumble. So, find a balance in anything that you do in life).
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What I learned from my phone


What can these icons teach you about chasing your dreams? A lot. You can either power off your dreams by not making attempt to dream at all. You can put it on airplane mode (that is, autopilot), which doesn’t last long. You can either restart and begin a new dream (it’s never too late to have a new dream). You can stay mute (stay silent and idle for the fear of failure). You can either stay vibrant (rock every opportunity that comes your way). Or, you can stay sound and explore new adventures. The choice is yours. You’re free to choose but make sure you stay vibrant and sound or restart again if you’re lost. It’s never too late to have a new dream.