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Break Your Silence or Stay Docile Forever

“To choose to write is to reject silence.” -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie​

I have always used the metaphor of dragons and monsters to describe the enemy of creativity and productivity. But I think dragons and monsters are a bit scary and people might not quickly relate to it because they often don’t see dragons and monsters except on the screen. But there’s something that people can relate with which I believe its metaphor fits the description of creativity’s enemy and I call it SILENCE.

We have heard the word more often than not. Because “keep silent or shut up” isn’t far from us. We’ve been hearing it since our childhood and we’re used to it. Silence is the enemy of creativity and productivity.

Silence comes in different forms—it sometimes shows as an authority, as loved ones, and as one’s society. These are the things that mostly dictate or decide how we should live our life. Most times, they lead us to nothing. Even though sometimes, they have good intentions for us but their intentions never create change.

Silence is a shackle, it stifles one’s freedom to express one’s thought or explore one’s creativity. And in order to break this shackle, one must write, create, explore, and imagine. One must struggle against all odds in order to make things happen.

Yes, silence has its good side and I mean a lot of good when it’s necessary but the bad side is so dominant that it has led many of us to become the play-it-safers and fit-ins who follow the norm.

Those who follow the norm never do things that matter. They’re cowered in the proverbial what-if.

What do we do to overcome this enemy? Break it. Remember I told you it’s a shackle and for one to be free, one needs to break the shackle that’s holding one’s back from exploring one’s creativity. Go break your silence. Go make a ruckus. And go make a difference. The world needs you. Go!

-MOAB © 2015


Stop Trying So Hard And Make It Fun Instead

life-isSome months ago while I was going to the post office to pick up a parcel sent by a friend, I saw 2 kids (age 5 and 7, a boy and a girl). The boy is the oldest. They were both playing together when the boy showed the girl how to hop from one spot to another. After hopping, he asked the girl to do the same.

The girl hopped, but she didn’t get it right. He asked her to try again and again. The girl kept doing it and trying harder, but she never got tired. I was just wondering what kept this girl to continue hopping even when she’s not getting it right.

What’s the secret behind her energy?


Yes, fun. She was having fun while trying harder to hop from point A to point B. Sometimes we don’t have to try harder but have fun. Trying harder wears us out when we don’t have fun with it.

So, whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re trying harder to accomplish just make it fun and you’ll still have the energy to continue because if you don’t make it fun, it’ll wear you out and make you throw in the towel.

Remember, stop trying so hard and make it fun instead.
-MOAB © 2014