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Break Your Silence or Stay Docile Forever

“To choose to write is to reject silence.” -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie​

I have always used the metaphor of dragons and monsters to describe the enemy of creativity and productivity. But I think dragons and monsters are a bit scary and people might not quickly relate to it because they often don’t see dragons and monsters except on the screen. But there’s something that people can relate with which I believe its metaphor fits the description of creativity’s enemy and I call it SILENCE.

We have heard the word more often than not. Because “keep silent or shut up” isn’t far from us. We’ve been hearing it since our childhood and we’re used to it. Silence is the enemy of creativity and productivity.

Silence comes in different forms—it sometimes shows as an authority, as loved ones, and as one’s society. These are the things that mostly dictate or decide how we should live our life. Most times, they lead us to nothing. Even though sometimes, they have good intentions for us but their intentions never create change.

Silence is a shackle, it stifles one’s freedom to express one’s thought or explore one’s creativity. And in order to break this shackle, one must write, create, explore, and imagine. One must struggle against all odds in order to make things happen.

Yes, silence has its good side and I mean a lot of good when it’s necessary but the bad side is so dominant that it has led many of us to become the play-it-safers and fit-ins who follow the norm.

Those who follow the norm never do things that matter. They’re cowered in the proverbial what-if.

What do we do to overcome this enemy? Break it. Remember I told you it’s a shackle and for one to be free, one needs to break the shackle that’s holding one’s back from exploring one’s creativity. Go break your silence. Go make a ruckus. And go make a difference. The world needs you. Go!

-MOAB © 2015


You Have No Excuse, Technology Has Made It a Lot Easier

I love this century for so many reasons. It’s the century of the “Silence Breakers.” I’m writing a book on this. Who are the “Silence Breakers?” The Silence Breakers are the people who are breaking away from mediocrity and moving to awesome. People who are challenging the status quo to create change.

Yes, this is our most beloved century because it’s made things easier than ever before. It’s in this century that you can change lives with just one click, it’s in this century that you can get paid while you’re sleeping (it sounds crazy, but it’s happening), it’s in this century that an unpopular, comical singer, and local elixir salesman becomes a star on Facebook. Why? Because technology has made it easier to spread one’s talent across the globe. It’s in this century that someone sits in his cubicle and calls for a poetry and photo contest, and become the talk of the country. Why? Because technology has made it easier to connect with like-minded folks.

So, what’s your excuse? You have no excuse because technology has made it a lot easier. Start something. Break your silence (self-doubt, fear, mediocrity) and go for awesome because you can do it and technology has made it easier for you. Stop eating that popcorn of excuses. Start now.
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Why You Should Break Your Silence and Become Awesome

“Your silence will not protect you.” –Audre Lorde

There’s something that’s pushing you down to the bottom race. Have you ever asked yourself why you’re not doing what you should be doing? Maybe because you’re afraid of failure, of people’s comments, of being wrong, and of being blamed. Silence is the shackle that’s holding you back from being awesome. It keeps you safe, fit in with the status quo and you end up at the bottom. Break your silence, friend. Breaking your silence will take you places and open more ways to become awesome.

departmentIf you think that being silent will make you safe and fit in, you’re kidding yourself. Silence will never protect you. It’ll never take you places. It’ll never bring the change you’re craving. The people who are crazy enough to do what they believe in, people who challenge the status quo are the ones that are making a difference in the world. So why not join them? Why not break your silence and become awesome?

This is a clarion call to everyone who thinks they have something amazing to do, to make a difference, to create change, and become awesome. Don’t let fear win you. Don’t stay silent because silence will only make you stagnant.

Want to become awesome? Want to create change? Want to make a difference? Then break your silence.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou

There are many reasons why people write. It varies. Some people write for money, fame, glory, and legacy. While some other people write to break their silence, they write because no one cares to listen, they write because they want to start a revolution, they write because they want to inspire lives, and they also write to let people know they’re not alone in their journey in life. The reasons why people write could go on and on.
Now, the question is for you reading this, “why do you want to write?”

To write is to break one’s silence. I believe writing is a struggle against silence and you’ve got stories to share with the world.The story that only you understand, the story that belongs to you, the story that you’ve kept with you for years, the story that could change and inspire lives and if you don’t write it then you will be living a miserable life. Yes, that’s the reality of the people who find it difficult to break their silence. Breaking your silence is all about change and not only about your ideas and thoughts.

If you have something that it’s not going right, if you know things that need change, but no one is bold enough to talk about them, then break your silence with a pen and write. Do you want to change people’s perspective of where you came from, of who you’re, of your worldview? Then write and inspire lives beyond your reach.

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