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Lottery, Poker and Whatnot

These, of course, are shortcuts to fortune. They’re faster than any known endeavor you’ve ever dreamed of. If you’ve ever tried any of these before, you’d probably understand it better that no one ever tries it once and hit it. More efforts, energy, and time are being spent on these ventures before you hit it and you might as well not hit it because, after all, they’re shortcuts.

The reality about these ventures is that you’re stealing from yourself by wasting the same amount of energy, effort and time that should be spent on your creativity (ability to make things happen) toward the things that won’t last forever. Shortcuts are meant to be short, anyway. So, you get the bigger picture of what shortcuts are.

Realization and Self Awareness: Find yourself, know who you are and believe in yourself. You’ve what it takes to make things happen. People who love shortcuts are those who think they’re not good enough, they think they don’t have the ability to make things happen and make it in life. Of course, hard work pays, but if you spend your effort on shortcuts, then it’s no more hard work.

Circumstances: Yes, you’ve found yourself in a bad situation; you’ve seen and encountered many trials and tribulations, but all these won’t last forever. I know, from personal experience, that one will be tempted at one point to pursue the fastest means to fortune, but believe me, patience is a fortune. It will buy whatever you want or need in life and hereafter.
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