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The Art of Brevity

When I was asked to give a comment for just one minute in a seminar I attended last month, I remembered the art of brevity and decided to use adjectives for my comment: “Awesome, superb, and eye-opening,” I said.

The audience was stunned. They were wondering how I could be brief and still make sense at the same. The reality is, I’ve been learning the art of brevity for years now. I’ve been learning how to tell long story in a superb short ways. And I’m getting better.

But the key secret is that you must know and understand what you want to discuss or talk about. If you can’t say it in five minutes, you can never say it in fifty minutes. That simply shows that you don’t understand what you’re talking about. You’ll ramble, babble and mumble for most of the time and never get to a substantial conclusion.

The art of brevity is a skill. If you could learn it, it’ll make you stand out among others. Seth Godin​ is a master in this art. I gulp all his content (writings, videos, and so on) just to learn the art of brevity from him.

The only way to master the art of brevity is to understand your niche that if you explain to a five-year-old kid, he’ll understand. Go learn this art today. Stay simple. Go!

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What’s Your Writing Style?

I don’t think I have developed my own writing style but what I do know is that I write like my favorite writers. I love how Seth Godin writes, how Steven Pressfield, Chimamanda Adichie, Jon Acuff and Jeff Goins write. I’m a voracious reader and follower of these folks. I consume anything that they produce. Their works inspire me on a daily basis.

I think one’s style develops after copying from others, and then one will discover his own voice. I’m not sure if I’ve reached or discovered my own voice but what I do know is that I write. A lot. The good and the bad prose. I don’t even recognize it. I write as the words show up in my head.

Some writers have been asked about their writing styles and their responses were the same—they don’t know if they have a writing style. I think my answer is the same too. At least for now. I don’t have one. I believe if a story worth sharing and you write it as it is, people will see your personality and passion through it and if this is what people call writing style, then I have one because when I write stories that matter to me so much, then my personality and passion will show in it. What’s your writing style?
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