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Wish I could see you

But you’re never seen

Wish I could touch you

But the answer is still the same

Wish I could smell you

But you’re hidden

Somewhere unknown

Maybe inside the heart

I don’t know

What I know is

You can only be felt

Because you’re invisible

To define you

Is a mystery

Just like life

But you’re still better

Because you’re eternal

And life is ephemeral

When you enter the heart of a man

You give birth to more invisible children

Compassion, Passion

Empathy, Honesty

Tolerance, Endurance

Courage and Hope

And because of you

Man is whole

For without you

Life is useless

-MOAB © 2015


The Root

You’re never seen

But firm in your hold

You’re ignored

Yet, you produce fruits every day

Both the good and the bad fruits

We walk past you

And never acknowledged you

We chase your fruits

Not knowing that you’re the source

Success is your fruits

Growth is your fruits

Courage is your fruits

Happiness is your fruits

We appreciate your fruits

When they favor us

Poverty is your fruits

Violence is your fruits

Hatred is your fruits

Sorrow is your fruits

We condemn your fruits

When they cause us distress

But we never acknowledged you as the source

And because we ignored you

We never found solution

To our problems

Your fruits are not the problems

But you

Until we go back to you

We will continue to chase your shadows

Because the solution to man’s problems

Lies in you

You’re the solution

Go find the root to your joy and predicament

And your life will never be the same again


-MOAB © 2015

Why You Should Break Your Silence and Become Awesome

“Your silence will not protect you.” –Audre Lorde

There’s something that’s pushing you down to the bottom race. Have you ever asked yourself why you’re not doing what you should be doing? Maybe because you’re afraid of failure, of people’s comments, of being wrong, and of being blamed. Silence is the shackle that’s holding you back from being awesome. It keeps you safe, fit in with the status quo and you end up at the bottom. Break your silence, friend. Breaking your silence will take you places and open more ways to become awesome.

departmentIf you think that being silent will make you safe and fit in, you’re kidding yourself. Silence will never protect you. It’ll never take you places. It’ll never bring the change you’re craving. The people who are crazy enough to do what they believe in, people who challenge the status quo are the ones that are making a difference in the world. So why not join them? Why not break your silence and become awesome?

This is a clarion call to everyone who thinks they have something amazing to do, to make a difference, to create change, and become awesome. Don’t let fear win you. Don’t stay silent because silence will only make you stagnant.

Want to become awesome? Want to create change? Want to make a difference? Then break your silence.

What Will You Make of This Moment?

 “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.”  –Eckhart Tolle

It’s true that this present moment will be gone and never come back again. That today will be gone and tomorrow will eventually become another today. But one day, everything will be gone and there’ll be no day left. The point here is not the continuation of days or the end of it, but what one has achieved or done in those days, those free present moments.

This is a hard lesson for me, because I’ve been stalling, getting stuck, and giving myself excuses that are not valid. I get stuck every time because I think there’s another day to do the work. There’s no abundant time at all. All I ever have is this present moment to do something that matters, to do good deeds, and make a difference in people’s lives. There’s no other time to start other than this present moment. If you think you’ll have this moment tomorrow, you’re kidding yourself.

So, stop stalling and start doing something right now. It doesn’t have to be something big as sometimes we get stuck thinking we have to do big things to make a difference, and we end up doing nothing at all. I know, for example, that I should be writing books, not updating Facebook status. I know, of course, that I should write more guest post and not reading more blogs. I get delight in thinking that there’s enough time, that there’s tomorrow, which has got me nowhere.  Not anymore.

You and I need to do things with urgency of this present moment. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Do it now or never. This present moment will never come again, take advantage of it. What’ll you do or make of this present moment?

-MOAB © 2014

I will Do Better If…

If I were in his/her position, I’ll do better.
If I have more time, I’ll do better.
If I were born in America, I’ll do better.
If my family were rich, I’ll do better.
If I weren’t black, I’ll do better.
These are the statements of the naysayers, of the procrastinators.
They’ve millions of excuses in their bank account.
They love tomorrow like no one else.
They’re allergic to “now.”
They’re experts in all fields but they won’t start one.
They love talking but detest action.
They love to whine about everything.
If the weather isn’t good, they take it as another excuse.
They know more than their peer-groups.
They argue, argue, and argue.
But they have nothing to show for it.
They wish, wish, and wish as if wishing is a strategy.
You better don’t be like these folks.
You can only get better at what you start.
Start something. Start small. Be persistent.
-MOAB © 2014

Make Art Your Act

Photo Credit: Sherrys Soiledwings via flickr.com

Photo Credit: Sherrys Soiledwings via flickr.com

The phenomenal woman passed away this week. She inspired lives with her art. Ever since her demise, many people have been writing about her life, from quotes to books, and about her speeches, interviews, and many more.

Maybe I should follow the crowd and write mine, but why? We were taught not to follow the crowd and be different. But when the crowd is doing things that matter, then you should follow them and do it differently. And this is what I’m doing now. This is an acrostic of Maya Angelou.

A—Act, because
O—Openness and

She demonstrated all these and that’s what made her different. She used her art to make a difference. So, make art your act because art needs gratitude, empathy, love, openness, and understanding.
—MOAB © 2014


Change is constant,
But it’s hard.
It stifles your mind to stay where you are.
It tells you stories of your past and your present.
It wants you to be safe.
It prevents you from being awesome.
Even though, change knows that you need change.
Yet, it gives you thousands of excuses not to change.

To change is to start.
Find where you need change in your life,
And let it start now.

Change is a process.
It’ll trick you for weeks,
Or for months,
And you’ll get tired,
Because you haven’t seen it yet.

Change is stubborn.
It’ll never come on time.
Sometimes it takes months or years.
But, in the end,
If you persist enough,
It’ll surely come.

Change loves consistency.
Change loves persistency.
Change loves patience.
Change loves hard-work.
Just give change all it wants,
Then you’ll see change come easily.

When you talk, talk change.
When you learn, learn change.
When you look, look change.
When you see, see change.
When you breathe, breathe change.
When you eat, eat change.
When you sleep, sleep change.
When you drive, drive change.
For without change,
There’s no life.
-MOAB © 2014