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success conceptOne of the things I fear most in life is change. Because it always comes in two possible ways—positive and negative. This always scares me because change is constant and one of the two will surely happen.

Oftentimes I hear husbands say, “Their wives have changed,” and I hear wives say, “Their husbands have changed.” They never expected them to change. It’s a mistake not to accept that change won’t come in one of these two ways. We’re all going to change. Either from negative to positive or from positive to negative.

And this is why I’m afraid. I’m afraid that I might change from positive to negative while hopeful that I might change from negative to positive. In order to achieve positive change, one needs to struggle and wrestle with oneself and other distractions. This is hard work. It doesn’t come easily. It’s everyday thing. The same way negative change is an everyday thing.

Change is a process. It’s scary. And it’s part of us. We won’t grow without change. So if you want positive change in your life, then be ready to pay the price which is—hard-work, consistency, patience, perseverance, and determination.

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Create Your Own Motto

Photo Credit: Krissy Venosdale (flickr.com)

Photo Credit: Krissy Venosdale (flickr.com)

There’s something that kicks my butt to work, to create enchanting stuff, and to become awesome. What’s it exactly? It’s my motto. My belief and my worldview.

When it comes to ideas, my motto is START and FINISH. When it comes to hardship, my motto is PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE. When it comes to helping others, my motto is EMPATHY and GENEROSITY. When it comes to connection, my motto is INITIATE and ASK. When it comes to dealing with people, my motto is TOLERANCE and LISTENING.

So, what’s your motto? If you don’t have one, it’s time to create your own motto. Your motto will push you forward and help you to be more determined than ever.

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Rejections Are Part Of Our Stories

Photo Credit: >Daniel Kulinski via flickr.com

Photo Credit: >Daniel Kulinski via flickr.com

I’ve been getting big rejections recently. Rejections that I’ve never thought of before and this is weighing me down. It’s unlike me to get worried about the things that I can’t control, but this time, it hurts. Maybe because I’ve put so much expectations on it rather than leaving everything to God who’s in control of all affairs.

One thing I’m sure of is that rejections will come, denials will show up, but there are better days ahead and this too shall pass. Rejections are part of our stories whether we like it or not, they’ll show up. I’m writing this to get over it because writing is the only way I can express myself and cure the pain. I always encourage people to be patient when they encounter this kind of rejection, but I’ve failed the test myself until a friend reminded me of who I am and how my words have changed him.

This is to the so called rejections/disappointments that you’ll not last forever. You shall surely pass and I’ll overcome you with more prayers, perseverance, patience, and hope. If you’re down with some rejections/disappointments learn from this and keep moving. God is in control and better days are ahead.
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