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Don’t Ask For A Map

Last month, I was in the street of Warsaw, Poland, trying to find my way back to the dorm I rented (Mind you, hotels are expensive in Warsaw). It’s summer, but it wasn’t in Warsaw as the weather was chill just like in spring. I only had summer outfits on because I thought summer all over the Europe would be hot. This is not my first time in Poland; the last time I was there it was cold as it was in winter. This time, I planned to enjoy my summer and do some sightseeing in the beautiful city of Warsaw.

I visited a friend there and on my way back I couldn’t find my way to the bus stop. My friend had told me the number of the bus to board and described the bus stop, but I couldn’t get it. The problem is not how to get to my destination but how to get the direction to where I could get a bus to my destination.

Photo Credit: Archer10 (Dennis) via Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Archer10 (Dennis) via Creative Commons

The bus stop was not far from the Warsaw Centralna (Rail way station). If you’ve ever been to any rail way station in Europe, you’ll understand how beautiful, big, and complicated they are, especially the subways and underground which have different entrances and exits. I know that one of the exits lead to the bus stop to my destination and I kept searching.

At one point, I called my friend and asked him to describe the way to the bus stop again, but yet, I didn’t get it. I kept searching until I figured it out myself. I even asked some Polish and they didn’t know where I was going. I was lost, but found myself later. I figured it out myself and knew more roads to my destination.

Don’t ask for a map, just figure things out yourself. If you get lost, you’ll find more ways to your destination. Sure, it’ll take more of your time but if you’ve the time and want to know more, then go get lost, wander, and you’ll discover things yourself.

Sometimes it’s good to ask when you’re lost so that people who know can lead you to your destination. People (maps, books, manuals) might fail you and you’ve to learn how to figure things out yourself. Go wander, get lost and I bet you’ll find yourself. Don’t ask for a map. Learn how to figure things out yourself.
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