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What are you fighting for?

I look into this world and all I see is fight. Yes, that’s all I see and nothing more. Let me boil it down what I mean by fight. Fight comes in a variety of ways. There are negative and positive fights. We are all fighting for something. Some people are fighting to be rich, some are fighting to create solutions to problems, some for freedom and justice, some for education, some for land, some for peace, some for love, some for beliefs, some for fame, some for superiority, and some for the sake of fighting. Every fight is important to each fighter, that is, there is a genuine cause to fight in the fighter’s mind. To one fighter, the fight of another fighter is irrational and illogical, and vice versa.

But who is to define whose fight is genuine and rational? Is there a standard scale to measure positive and negative fights? Is there a collective fight that we should all be fighting? If there is, what is it?

I have been thinking in solitude, thinking of solutions to our fights (positive and negative ones) and I couldn’t find any. The solutions to human fights (struggles and whatnot) are beyond human comprehension. Because, human itself, is a complex being. A complex being cannot understand another complex being. The exertion to understanding human beings by philosophers has always been and will continue without any concrete answers whatsoever. Theories upon theories will pile up and as one theory tries to explore the complexity of human and understand it, it becomes void. This has always been the outcome of theories to understanding human.

Enough of philosophizing these questions asked above. So let me ask you, what are you fighting for? Or, what will you fight for? If I were to be asked what I would fight for, my answer would be: I’d fight for love. As simple as the word ‘love’ sounds, it comes with a lot of complicated things and we can philosophize about it forever. It comes with a lot of sacrifices. By love, I mean the love for all human beings regardless of their background, status, race, connections, and whatnot. Because with love there’ll be peace and harmony in the world. In the end, if you’re not fighting for something, you’re not living.

-MOAB © 2015



Wish I could see you

But you’re never seen

Wish I could touch you

But the answer is still the same

Wish I could smell you

But you’re hidden

Somewhere unknown

Maybe inside the heart

I don’t know

What I know is

You can only be felt

Because you’re invisible

To define you

Is a mystery

Just like life

But you’re still better

Because you’re eternal

And life is ephemeral

When you enter the heart of a man

You give birth to more invisible children

Compassion, Passion

Empathy, Honesty

Tolerance, Endurance

Courage and Hope

And because of you

Man is whole

For without you

Life is useless

-MOAB © 2015

Make Art Your Act

Photo Credit: Sherrys Soiledwings via flickr.com

Photo Credit: Sherrys Soiledwings via flickr.com

The phenomenal woman passed away this week. She inspired lives with her art. Ever since her demise, many people have been writing about her life, from quotes to books, and about her speeches, interviews, and many more.

Maybe I should follow the crowd and write mine, but why? We were taught not to follow the crowd and be different. But when the crowd is doing things that matter, then you should follow them and do it differently. And this is what I’m doing now. This is an acrostic of Maya Angelou.

A—Act, because
O—Openness and

She demonstrated all these and that’s what made her different. She used her art to make a difference. So, make art your act because art needs gratitude, empathy, love, openness, and understanding.
—MOAB © 2014

How My University Dormitory Kitchen Made Me a Global Citizen

imagesA dormitory kitchen and being a global citizen, how do they relate? Keep calm and read along. Oftentimes, I have been asked by some friends that, “why do I still live in the university dorm?” My answer has always been concise “I want to learn”. You want to learn or you can’t afford staying in an apartment, they asked? Well, I want to learn and forget about the financial stress of staying in an apartment.

What do you want to learn from there? After all, it’s just a bunch of untidy, disturbing, no privacy place to live. And you know what? They will never understand.

My dormitory is a 5 story building. Each floor has 20 rooms with a general kitchen for all students to do their cooking. That’s big number, huh? Yes, you can say that again. Continue reading