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Wish I could see you

But you’re never seen

Wish I could touch you

But the answer is still the same

Wish I could smell you

But you’re hidden

Somewhere unknown

Maybe inside the heart

I don’t know

What I know is

You can only be felt

Because you’re invisible

To define you

Is a mystery

Just like life

But you’re still better

Because you’re eternal

And life is ephemeral

When you enter the heart of a man

You give birth to more invisible children

Compassion, Passion

Empathy, Honesty

Tolerance, Endurance

Courage and Hope

And because of you

Man is whole

For without you

Life is useless

-MOAB © 2015



success conceptOne of the things I fear most in life is change. Because it always comes in two possible ways—positive and negative. This always scares me because change is constant and one of the two will surely happen.

Oftentimes I hear husbands say, “Their wives have changed,” and I hear wives say, “Their husbands have changed.” They never expected them to change. It’s a mistake not to accept that change won’t come in one of these two ways. We’re all going to change. Either from negative to positive or from positive to negative.

And this is why I’m afraid. I’m afraid that I might change from positive to negative while hopeful that I might change from negative to positive. In order to achieve positive change, one needs to struggle and wrestle with oneself and other distractions. This is hard work. It doesn’t come easily. It’s everyday thing. The same way negative change is an everyday thing.

Change is a process. It’s scary. And it’s part of us. We won’t grow without change. So if you want positive change in your life, then be ready to pay the price which is—hard-work, consistency, patience, perseverance, and determination.

-MOAB © 2015

Be Human

imagesI hate it when people pretend to be strong, when they pretend to be perfect, when they pretend that they don’t love or hate something, and when they pretend that they don’t need other people. This is crazy! These people end up being depressed and clueless about their purpose in life.

What does it take to be human? To be human is to be vulnerable. To be human is to have empathy for others. To be human is to accept failure and defeat. To be human is to share your struggles and stories with others. To be human is to acknowledge that we’re all equal, that we all have fears, passions, desires, virtues and vices in us.

I don’t care whatever you possess as a human being, just be human. And in spite of all this, to be human is to accept who you are and struggle to become a better person. Be human, folks!
-MOAB © 2015

Take Care of Yourself First

I wonder why people think this is selfishness. I had thought the same too for a while but I was wrong. I came to this realization after a lot of travel on the airplane. Every time I listen to the pre-flight safety instruction, my reaction is always the same (fear, anxiety and whatnot). But there’s something that got me thinking in the flight attendant’s instruction which is—put on your oxygen mask first before you help others (kids).

I kept asking myself, “why?”  In my last travel, I came up with a succinct answer. Because if you run out of oxygen, you won’t be able to help others with their oxygen mask. This literally means that you can’t give what you don’t have.

This principle applies to our daily lives not only on airplanes. If you don’t take care of yourself very well, you won’t have the strength to take care of others. I’m not saying that you should lose empathy and be totally selfish, but my point is you can’t make a difference if you’re not changing yourself. When you’re alright, there are chances that others will be, too.

Don’t ignore yourself when you need help yourself.  Just take care of yourself first. If you do this with the hope of helping others, then you’ll go places (make a difference and create change).

–MOAB © 2015

Until You Do, You’re Nothing

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (flickr.com)

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (flickr.com)

Just because you have the hairstyle doesn’t mean you can live the lifestyle.

Just because you talk about writing doesn’t mean you’re a writer.

Just because you preach the gospel doesn’t mean you’re pious.

Just because you talk about money doesn’t mean you’re rich.

Just because you talk about value doesn’t mean you’re valuable.

Just because you know the resources doesn’t mean you’re resourceful.

Just because you have a master’s degree doesn’t mean you’re a master.

Just because you speak eloquently doesn’t mean you’re smart.

Just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you’re courageous.

Just because you love reading books doesn’t mean you’re better than the person who can’t.

Until you act on what you have, you’re nothing.

So, start acting now. Go!

-MOAB © 2014


The “Don’t” Instructions

images (1)Growing up as a kid, I was bombarded with many “don’t” instructions:
Don’t answer any strangers.
Don’t stay outside for too long.
Don’t touch the T.V.
Don’t play a lot.
Don’t do this and that, and many other ridiculous don’ts.

I think all parents do this to their kids and of course, they have good intentions. They wanted to protect their kids from evil and also wanted them to behave well.

Sometimes these “don’t” instructions are mistakenly used as moral instructions. Yes, some of them are, but they’re two different things. The “don’t” instructions instill fear in kids not to dream, explore, and follow their guts and instincts. This is the number one reason why many people are still afraid to try, because they still have the “don’t” instructions boiling in their heads.

Now, you’re free to choose and you have the “can” instructions in your hands. You can do anything, dream, explore and follow your guts and instincts for the purpose of creating change. So, what are you waiting for? There are no more “don’t” instructions. Start something today, because you can.
-MOAB © 2014

How Hard Is It To Try?

It’s extremely difficult to try something new no matter how simple it is, because of the unknown outcome. Fear (including people who have tried before, apparently they’re fear in disguise) will try to persuade you not to try because they’ve tried and failed.

Their stories/testimonies always come with this slogan “don’t try,” because if you do, you’ll join the league of failures and of course you don’t want that. No one wants/loves failure. So, this makes trying so difficult.

In spite of all this, some people still dare to try; they dare to take risk and turn their backs to the people who might want to blame them for failing. Because sometimes, the outcome of failure is blame.

The thing is; turning your back to the people who might want to blame you for failing is a good strategy to moving forward in life. Or better this way, if you’re not afraid of trying, of failing, then you shouldn’t be afraid of people who might want to blame you for your failures. You must have the courage to tell them that failure is part of human nature. If you don’t fail, you won’t grow and move forward in life.

Is there something you have wanted to try but you’re afraid of taking the leap? Write it down and try it today. There are only two options: Is either you succeed or fail. If you try and succeed, it’s a win-win for you. And if you try and fail, it’s a win-win for you, too. So, what do you have to lose, folks? Nothing. Try something today, folks.
-MOAB © 2014