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We Don’t Need More Information, We Need More Action

Information, they say is vital in our everyday life. And who am I to deny this fact? It’s true that information is vital but the question is, “Why are we not seeing the changes we’re craving for?” Is it lack of information or lack of action? The truth is, the world is flooded with vital information, but people don’t act on it.

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (flickr.com)

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (flickr.com)

For example, I’ve seen people who buy phones that came with a manual (information) and when they need to do some simple settings or solve a simple problem, they take it to a repairer or to the so called expert to help them out.

The funniest thing sometimes is that the repairer or the expert also can’t solve the problem until he reads the manual of the phone. So, he’ll request for the manual. Isn’t it funny that people pay for the solution they already had because they’re not ready to act? It’s not because they lacked information or they’re illiterate. No. It’s because they’re too lazy to act on the information they possess.

These people believe that it’s only some selected group of people that are gifted to make things happen. They believe that one has to possess one magical skill to make things work out. Just like the example of the manual, most times we have the information to do things but lack action to make it happen. We don’t need more information, folks. All we need is more action. Act on the little information you possess now and I bet it’ll make a difference in your life and in the community you live in. Start something!
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