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Don’t Disappoint US, Get Your Stuff Shipped And Delivered

Photo Credit: theprostateworld

How would you feel if you order some items from a company and your items were not delivered? My guess is, you’d feel bad and vouch not to patronize the company again. Your undelivered items mean that the company didn’t ship what you ordered for, right? That’s it!

There might be a lot of reasons why your goods were not delivered as promised, but do you care about that? No.
You only care about your items to be delivered because you paid for it, plus, you’ve had so much anticipation on it.

Let me ask you this—how many projects have you shipped and delivered lately? If none, then you’re making us feel bad. We’re disappointed in you. We don’t want to know your excuses. Valid or not? What we care about is for you to deliver whatever you’re up to. We don’t want it to be perfect. Just ship and deliver it.

Yes, we know that we’re not paying you, but we might eventually pay you if you deliver stuff that matters. We’ll pay you if you deliver it right on time and we’ll surely order for more.

If you’re writing a book, finish it and ship it. If you’re working on any project, get it done and ship it. It doesn’t have to be perfect because it’ll never be. I’ve just finished writing a free eBook and you can get it here