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Fear and The Rest of Us

Fear is real and natural. We are all afraid of something no matter how courageous we might claim to be. This is why we flinch when a blow or punch is feigned at us. We wanted to protect ourselves and be safe. Fear grips our minds for safety. But here’s the thing: great things don’t happen in safety zone. One has to move out, get hit, not once but many times in order to achieve greatness.

But fear is stubborn. You can’t fight it to a standstill, it’ll always be there. Apart from being part of us, it uses other people against us. People who are close to us.

Fear is contagious. I found a correlation in a prank video where people walking on the street suddenly duck for no reason, then other people walking alongside joined them. No one asked why these people ducked; they thought it’s better to duck because others did. They joined the train of fear because they wanted to be safe. This is how fear works, it becomes real when we see that others are afraid too.

departmentThere’s something interesting I saw in the prank video apart from the people who contracted fear from others. There were people who didn’t duck, who chose to be different, who were brave enough to look forward and realize that there was nothing to be afraid of, not because they’re strong or immune to fear but because they ignored the fear in others and move on.

This is what separates the doers from the dreamers. The doers have fears too but act anyway. But the dreamers have fears, but allow their fears to shrink them and that’s why they duck and hide. They wanted to be safe and live a pain-free life. Which one are you? The doers or the dreamers? Join the doers today, the courageous men who don’t care about the bullshit fear tells them. Go try whatever you’re afraid of today. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it just has to be done. Go!

-MOAB © 2015


Don’t Be a waste

Each and every time I think about life and its purpose, I get more scared than ever. Scary thoughts encapsulated my mind and I’m forced to ask myself some brutal, honest questions. Who will miss me when I’m gone? Who will benefit from my ephemeral existence on earth? Am I living life according to its purpose? Am I doing the right thing, the right way? Am I happy with myself? Am I doing what I love? Am I fulfilling my purpose on earth?

life-isSome days ago, I was thinking if on getting home one day and the whole eleven story building had collapsed and burnt, what am I going to do? I have all important documents inside my room; will all be gone just like that? Yes, I know this is just an evil thought but it can happen, anytime. There’s no guarantee that it can’t happen. After that evil thought, I said, “after all, there’s life.” I should be thankful for that. Even if there’s life but all the certificates and documents that one had strived for will just go in a minute. I thought if that will be my case, then I’m not doing enough. The certificates will be gone, the awards you receive will be gone but the influence and difference you make in someone’s life will remain forever even after your death.

You see, we fail to ask ourselves these questions and we end up leaving this world empty. Just a bunch of waste. I don’t want that for myself. What will you do today to make a difference? You have what it takes to make it happen. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Your accolades will not change people but your influence will. Don’t be a waste, my friend. Start something and make a difference.

–MOAB © 2015

Help Me Write a Book: One True Sentence

“One sentence is often all it takes to convey your truth. And each one of us has a sentence that we carry with us –whether it is a line from a novel, a verse of poetry, a song lyric, a personal mantra, words of wisdom from a loved one, or a simple string of words that bring you meaning. We take this “one true sentence” with us on our travels, drawing inspiration, motivation, and solace in times of trouble.”  –Amanda Festa

On the first day of this year, an idea struck me and I couldn’t help myself but to start this idea. It kept roaring in my head until I took the leap. This idea was simple but I was afraid to start because I might drop it at the middle of the ocean. I punched fear in the face and get started.

What’s this idea? It’s to write one true sentence every day. A sentence that comes from the heart and it must be less or not more than 125 characters.

Does this sound crazy? Absolutely. Is this idea new and fresh? Of course, not. But we can revive old things to become new and that’s called creativity.

I can’t do this all alone. Good things always involve other people in order to make it happen. And that’s why I need your help to spread this idea across and beyond my reach.

This is what I’m doing…for each true sentence, I’m writing the story behind it and why it came to being.

This is my first one true sentence that I wrote on January 1st:

Blessed are those who act on their good intentions. #1truesentence

I have written more till date…and still writing

Why am I doing this? It’s because I believe one true sentence can make a difference. And, of course, behind every one true sentence, there are long stories filled with reality, inspiration, life-changing nuggets, and empathy.

What are you going to do?

Write one true sentence that comes from the heart and it should be less or not more than 125 characters. Get yourself a journal, scribble it on paper, or post it on Facebook or on Twitter. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #1truesentence and let the idea spread like a virus.

Are you in? If yes, then let’s do this together. Because it’s not books that change people, it’s those one true sentences in books that touch lives and change people. Yours, too, can make a difference.

-MOAB © 2015

Holding the Muse By Its Tail

I don’t believe in the Muse (although, many people have different descriptions of what the Muse is to them.) I believe there’s a superior Being who taught men (writers and all creatives) by pen what they knew not; to create something superb and amazing provided that they’re ready to pay the price—showing up and doing the work.

There’s a process to creating enchanting stuff which is hidden to many people outside the creative zone. Most people don’t see the trouble writers encounter in order to put down those breathtaking and astonishing words. Sometimes inspiration comes when one is not ready and it’s the duty of a writer to hold on to it and never let it go. Doing that alone is hard work.

How many times have I encountered this trouble? My former roommate would tell me that I’m going nuts. He has his own reason. Sometimes I’d wake up from a deep sleep, pick up a pen and start writing. And when I fail to do this sometimes due to laziness, my mind won’t be at rest. There’s something that keeps telling me to do the needful or else I’ll be in trouble.

And when this thing (I don’t know what it is exactly) troubles me enough and I fail to comply, then it leaves me and flies away, forever. This saddens me sometimes, but I try to recover back by punching the keys the hard way.

Whatever this thing is, I’ve learned not to take it for granted anymore. I’m ready to show up, make use of it, and always ready to hold it by its tail.
-MOAB © 2015

You Have No Excuse, Technology Has Made It a Lot Easier

I love this century for so many reasons. It’s the century of the “Silence Breakers.” I’m writing a book on this. Who are the “Silence Breakers?” The Silence Breakers are the people who are breaking away from mediocrity and moving to awesome. People who are challenging the status quo to create change.

Yes, this is our most beloved century because it’s made things easier than ever before. It’s in this century that you can change lives with just one click, it’s in this century that you can get paid while you’re sleeping (it sounds crazy, but it’s happening), it’s in this century that an unpopular, comical singer, and local elixir salesman becomes a star on Facebook. Why? Because technology has made it easier to spread one’s talent across the globe. It’s in this century that someone sits in his cubicle and calls for a poetry and photo contest, and become the talk of the country. Why? Because technology has made it easier to connect with like-minded folks.

So, what’s your excuse? You have no excuse because technology has made it a lot easier. Start something. Break your silence (self-doubt, fear, mediocrity) and go for awesome because you can do it and technology has made it easier for you. Stop eating that popcorn of excuses. Start now.
-MOAB © 2014

Why You Should Break Your Silence and Become Awesome

“Your silence will not protect you.” –Audre Lorde

There’s something that’s pushing you down to the bottom race. Have you ever asked yourself why you’re not doing what you should be doing? Maybe because you’re afraid of failure, of people’s comments, of being wrong, and of being blamed. Silence is the shackle that’s holding you back from being awesome. It keeps you safe, fit in with the status quo and you end up at the bottom. Break your silence, friend. Breaking your silence will take you places and open more ways to become awesome.

departmentIf you think that being silent will make you safe and fit in, you’re kidding yourself. Silence will never protect you. It’ll never take you places. It’ll never bring the change you’re craving. The people who are crazy enough to do what they believe in, people who challenge the status quo are the ones that are making a difference in the world. So why not join them? Why not break your silence and become awesome?

This is a clarion call to everyone who thinks they have something amazing to do, to make a difference, to create change, and become awesome. Don’t let fear win you. Don’t stay silent because silence will only make you stagnant.

Want to become awesome? Want to create change? Want to make a difference? Then break your silence.

What Does It Take to Be a Writer?

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” –Sylvia Plath

departmentIs it a degree in Literature, English, or Creative writing? No. None of these degrees matter. You don’t even need to go for a writer’s surgery or take a writer’s pill (if there’s such thing) to become a writer. To be a writer—you only need to have the guts to write what others are thinking or imagine what others could be thinking and write it. That’s all you need to become a writer. Any other thing is just a plus. Got it? Good. Go now and write.