Curiosity isn’t dead: Ask questions

When I was a kid, I asked so many questions but many of my questions were answered with slaps—which means ‘shut up’—don’t ask anything again. Your questions might not be answered with slaps if you were born in a developed country but I bet you’ll be scolded if you dare ask some questions.

Either being slapped or scolded, my point is your curiosity has been stifled ever since you were a kid. This has also followed you to your adolescent that you believe asking questions is a sin.

If you want to make hay, walk in the path to making a difference, then you must bring back your curiosity. Don’t joke with words like, “Why? Who? How? And When?” These words are question amplifiers. For example, have you asked who named the colors? Why is the color green green and not yellow?

Curiosity isn’t dead. It’s part of us. And it’s there for a reason. To question our existence, to question our purpose, to question things that seemed mystery to us. So, ask questions as many as possible. Because curiosity is alive. Make yours live.

Excerpt from my book: “Make Hay: The Only Path to Making a Difference”
-MOAB © 2015


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