Clear Your Mind of Can’t

departmentOne of the things that stop us from doing what we’re able to do is the negative voice that says, “You can’t.” That voice roaring “you can’t” is not only living inside you, but also appears in disguise as friends, family, and loved ones. “After all, they want the best for you,” the negative voice would say.

They’ll join your negative voice and you’ll feel like they’re right. No, they aren’t. They’ll go further to elaborate the outcome of what you haven’t done yet, probably failure (shame). And this, you don’t want for yourself. You don’t want to be put to shame.

What’s your job? It’s easy. Clear your mind of can’t. Ask yourself a brutal, hard question: “Do I have passion for this?” If your answer is yes, then you can do it. I have often written that most “yes, you can” are not true until one asks himself if he truly has passion for it. For passion drives you to your dreamland. It helps you fight your negative voice and it’ll push you to do what you thought is impossible. So, clear your mind of can’t because if you have passion for it, you can do it. Go!

-MOAB © 2015


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