We Don’t Need Your Grammar; We Only Need Your Story

write-it-downI know many people with mind-blowing stories. Their stories always captivate my heart whenever I listen to them. But here is the problem: they won’t write their stories for others to read. They’re afraid that their grammar sucks. That people will not read their stories if it’s full of grammatical errors.

Many bestselling authors are not grammar gurus. Even Steven Pressfield admitted that he’s still struggling to differentiate between “it’s” and “its.” And you know what? He’s written many books and many of them are bestsellers.

I wonder why people are so conscious of their grammar more than their stories. Your story is you. It doesn’t need any grammar to make a difference. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that basic grammar should be ignored. But my point is this: grammar does not make good story.

No one has ever said: “that story is inspiring because of its grammar.” It’s inspiring because it’s your story. Because of the connection and the message it passes across. Story connects us together as human beings. And that’s why you must write yours for us to read. We don’t need your grammar; we only need your story.

Don’t be afraid to write your story because you don’t know who it might inspire. Will you start writing your story today? I’d love to hear from you. Go!
-MOAB © 2015


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