Holding the Muse By Its Tail

I don’t believe in the Muse (although, many people have different descriptions of what the Muse is to them.) I believe there’s a superior Being who taught men (writers and all creatives) by pen what they knew not; to create something superb and amazing provided that they’re ready to pay the price—showing up and doing the work.

There’s a process to creating enchanting stuff which is hidden to many people outside the creative zone. Most people don’t see the trouble writers encounter in order to put down those breathtaking and astonishing words. Sometimes inspiration comes when one is not ready and it’s the duty of a writer to hold on to it and never let it go. Doing that alone is hard work.

How many times have I encountered this trouble? My former roommate would tell me that I’m going nuts. He has his own reason. Sometimes I’d wake up from a deep sleep, pick up a pen and start writing. And when I fail to do this sometimes due to laziness, my mind won’t be at rest. There’s something that keeps telling me to do the needful or else I’ll be in trouble.

And when this thing (I don’t know what it is exactly) troubles me enough and I fail to comply, then it leaves me and flies away, forever. This saddens me sometimes, but I try to recover back by punching the keys the hard way.

Whatever this thing is, I’ve learned not to take it for granted anymore. I’m ready to show up, make use of it, and always ready to hold it by its tail.
-MOAB © 2015


2 thoughts on “Holding the Muse By Its Tail

    • Exactly! And that’s why we all need to get ready every time or better still, send it to someone else by simply saying, “I’m not ready, I’m busy now or I don’t need you now.” This sounds ridiculous, but I think it’s better. It’s either we hold it by its tail (take action) or send it to somewhere else.

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