Motivation: Who Will You Give It To?

Some days ago, a goal captured my attention when the loud voice of my friend chanting “goal!” echoed. Don’t ask me the name of the teams, because I wasn’t watching. I only saw the goal part.

The game was tense as my friend explained. Almost going goalless, then a young player got a pass and scored the lonely goal in the match. After scoring the goal, he started running in jubilation towards another direction while his team mates were running after him. Excited, they were.

Photo Credit: Krissy Venosdale (

Photo Credit: Krissy Venosdale (

I was thinking, “where’s he running to?” At least he should celebrate with his team mates first or thank the player that gave him the pass, but he didn’t do that. He was running towards the direction of his coach. He hugged his coach, which I think means “thank you.”

I wonder why he had to run to his coach. I wonder why he didn’t celebrate with his teammates. There must be something behind his gesture, I thought. After so much thought,I came up with this: the coach believed in him, encouraged him, and gave him a trial. The result? He scored a goal and become awesome. And that’s why he ran to his coach.

Now, over to you: who will you encourage, motivate, and instill confidence to become awesome? You don’t have to be a coach to do that. A single write-up could make the difference. A single speech could make the difference. Even just a text of 140 characters could make the difference. Look for that person that you believe in his/her potential and encourage the person. Because if you do, you’re also motivating and encouraging yourself to become awesome. I believe you’re awesome, so find other people to tell this. Let’s do this together.
-MOAB  © 2014


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