The “Don’t” Instructions

images (1)Growing up as a kid, I was bombarded with many “don’t” instructions:
Don’t answer any strangers.
Don’t stay outside for too long.
Don’t touch the T.V.
Don’t play a lot.
Don’t do this and that, and many other ridiculous don’ts.

I think all parents do this to their kids and of course, they have good intentions. They wanted to protect their kids from evil and also wanted them to behave well.

Sometimes these “don’t” instructions are mistakenly used as moral instructions. Yes, some of them are, but they’re two different things. The “don’t” instructions instill fear in kids not to dream, explore, and follow their guts and instincts. This is the number one reason why many people are still afraid to try, because they still have the “don’t” instructions boiling in their heads.

Now, you’re free to choose and you have the “can” instructions in your hands. You can do anything, dream, explore and follow your guts and instincts for the purpose of creating change. So, what are you waiting for? There are no more “don’t” instructions. Start something today, because you can.
-MOAB © 2014


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