How Hard Is It To Try?

It’s extremely difficult to try something new no matter how simple it is, because of the unknown outcome. Fear (including people who have tried before, apparently they’re fear in disguise) will try to persuade you not to try because they’ve tried and failed.

Their stories/testimonies always come with this slogan “don’t try,” because if you do, you’ll join the league of failures and of course you don’t want that. No one wants/loves failure. So, this makes trying so difficult.

In spite of all this, some people still dare to try; they dare to take risk and turn their backs to the people who might want to blame them for failing. Because sometimes, the outcome of failure is blame.

The thing is; turning your back to the people who might want to blame you for failing is a good strategy to moving forward in life. Or better this way, if you’re not afraid of trying, of failing, then you shouldn’t be afraid of people who might want to blame you for your failures. You must have the courage to tell them that failure is part of human nature. If you don’t fail, you won’t grow and move forward in life.

Is there something you have wanted to try but you’re afraid of taking the leap? Write it down and try it today. There are only two options: Is either you succeed or fail. If you try and succeed, it’s a win-win for you. And if you try and fail, it’s a win-win for you, too. So, what do you have to lose, folks? Nothing. Try something today, folks.
-MOAB © 2014


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