No Excuses: Don’t Let Busyness Chase You Away From Your Dream

These past weeks I have been so busy that the chance to put pen to paper was slim. Yet, I did. I wrote down some sentences on a receipt I collected from McDonalds. I had no pen and notebook with me. That’s how busy I was. So I asked for a pen and scribble some words on a receipt. This is how I have been writing for the past weeks.

Sometimes busyness chase one away from one’s dream and I think the best way to overcome this is to find an alternative to chasing one’s dream. Not an excuse. I did find an alternative by writing on a receipt and I’m glad I did. Don’t let busyness chase you away from your dream. Just “F” it—Find it, follow it, and focus on it.
-MOAB © 2014


One thought on “No Excuses: Don’t Let Busyness Chase You Away From Your Dream

  1. I accidentally it the send key before I was done. I hate that when that happens!
    Anyway, this article together what the person I heard speaking made me think about how many people never find their gift or niche in life and so many people blunder along working at a job they often dislike or hate. What a waste it is of human potential not to mention how much unhappiness it often causes people– like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole– one can cram it in there and kind of make it work– but not like it would if it was a round peg. In other words, when we are using our gift it is more efficient like putting a round peg into a round hold tailor made for it. Also, for those who have found their gift, here’s some good advice on here in how to use it– Find it, Follow after your gift or dream and stay Focused on it. Keep writing Muhiz for the world to enjoys your thought provoking messages!

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