Know What Distracts You And Fight It

I’m an addict. Not the one you’re thinking. Not a drug addict. Far from it. So free your mind from bad thoughts. It’s a behavioral addiction, actually. I think we’re all addicted to something. Some are addicted to drinking coffee, some to movies, some to smoking, some to sex and so on. I’m addicted to clicking links or simply put surfing the net. Some people will call it internet addict. I agree with them. I click links from Twitter, Facebook and even do some Google search as usual all day. Sometimes my laptop stays on for days. This is crazy. I want to know what’s new, what’s going on with the world, I just want to click and read, and this is terrible. It makes one less productive sometimes. One feels that something is missing within oneself if one does not click and read.

I don’t know if I’m alone in this. I have countless bookmarked articles because 24 hours is not enough to read all this stuff. The truth is, there are gems in some of these links, too. I have books to finish writing, but this bad habit of clicking links is a distraction. My case is like a man who’s going on a long journey but throws stone at every dog that barks at him. What will happen to him? He won’t reach his destination on time. Yes, that’s my problem and I’m trying the best I can to fight it. Maybe something else is yours. Know what distracts you and fight it. Try and figure it out yourself. Whatever that you need to do, just do it. Yes, there will be some distractions and maybe you need to throw stones at some but not at every distraction so that you’ll reach your destination. My journey is writing a book and my destination is to get it published (inspire lives beyond my reach).
-MOAB © 2014


2 thoughts on “Know What Distracts You And Fight It

  1. You are NOT alone in being “addicted” or compelled to surf and read things on the Internet. I put the word addict in quotes, because to be a true addiction the body must require it and one goes through withdrawals without it. Surfing the net is very informative and entertaining, but one can do it so much that before they know it hours have gone by and they haven’t gotten the things done they wanted to accomplish. To fight this one should either do those things first that must be done or put a time limit on how long they surf the net or both. Hang in there, work at least a little on your book daily and you will eventually get it finished.

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