You Can Do Anything But Not Everything

“You can do anything but not everything.” –David Allen
I told my brother this quote more than 5 times last week when we were talking on the phone. My inspiring cap was on as usual, so I wanted him to pick my brain for a while. I told him stories about when we were young and what we did on our own. I told him about a guy in our street then who, we thought was a gymnastic guru. He would do a lot of stunt for us and we were like this guy must brought this from heaven or maybe he possessed a black magic.

Photo Credit: Sherrys Soiledwings via

Photo Credit: Sherrys Soiledwings via

These were our thoughts until we decided to give it a try. We were scared. We had injuries and yet, we learned it and surpassed the so called gymnastic guru. “So why are we so afraid to take new adventures now as adolescent?” I asked my brother. We explored many scary adventures as kids and now…nothing. We’ve forgotten that we can learn anything if we want to and we can do anything if we believe in ourselves. The society has taught us something else and succeeded in telling us what we can do and what we can’t. There’s expectation of what the society needs, so we stick with the society’s needs and abandon our own dreams for the society.

Everybody is a genius, I told him. I reminded him that he has the ability to be whoever he wishes and it’s never too late to start. He’s a genius and so you are. You can learn and do anything, but you can’t learn and do everything. If there’s one thing that you love to do, learn it and do it. Start now, Start small, and be consistent.
-MOAB © 2014


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