Be Courageous, And Show The World What You’ve Got

The hall was full of laughter. First, from the audience and later from the panel of judges. It was a contest for a talent hunt. This was not a comedy show, but yet, everybody was laughing. They were laughing at a guy’s performance on the stage. His performance was so poor that people in the hall couldn’t help themselves but to laugh. They laughed to their satisfaction. Some people even booed him. They hadn’t seen this kind of poor performance in a long time.

1526549_1404898706422565_1816099743_nThe guy was humiliated and walked out of the hall stealthily. The audience and the judges only saw this guy’s mediocre performance but never saw one thing in him which is courage. The courage to show up on the stage. The courage to give it a try. The courage to say, “This is what I’ve to offer.” How many of you have this super-duper talent in you, but was afraid of being humiliated? Afraid of being booed on the stage?

It’s not talent if you only show case it in your room. You have to show the world what you’ve got. Being booed or humiliated won’t kill you, but it’ll only make you realize how courageous you are to face the crowd. At least, you show up and do your stuff. Don’t let people’s laughter or criticism discourage you from being awesome. Remember, at first, they’ll laugh at you but in the end, they’ll ask how you made it. Go out there on the stage, be courageous, and show the world what you’ve got.
-MOAB © 2014


2 thoughts on “Be Courageous, And Show The World What You’ve Got

  1. Very inspiring and well said! I bet many have never even considered the courage it took to go on stage. Some say many fear public appearance even more than death. It is thus amazing and sad then how people are so hurtful to each other unnecessarily.

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