When Hope Isn’t Enough

Hope (Mankind’s greatest weakness and greatest strength)
One of the things that keeps many alive today is hope. And of course, God’s grace. The hope that tomorrow will be better, that one day our dreams will come true, and that one day we will hit the treasure box full of gold. Hope is our strength to moving forward in life. When things don’t fall in place as we wanted, hope comes in and tells us that tomorrow will be better and that we should try again.

life-isHope gives us strength and it gives us reasons why we should keep our struggle alive. But sometimes, hope isn’t enough. Sometimes we do nothing but hope that something great will happen without working so hard. We wait for success to pop out of the thin air without striving hard to make it happen. To hope that things will be fine and not work one’s tail off is an illusion and this is of course the weakness in us.

Hope is good and we should all be hopeful. Hard work, plus being hopeful about the outcome of our hustle give us a positive outlook on life and if our hard work doesn’t bring the results that we want, then hope is always there for us to try again. Never lose hope as it’s the only strength you have and never take hope for granted without working your butt off.
-MOAB © 2014


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