Haters And Their Acerbic Comments

What do haters do? They hate. Why? Because they want to be like you and sometimes for no reason. And if they’ve tried all their efforts to be like you and never succeed, then they hate you. You mean just like that? Yes, just like that. When you write, they look for your typo and mistakes. When you talk about your success, they accuse you of being narcissistic. When you talk about your failures, they overlook it as if nothing has happened. When you fail, they rejoice inwardly because it’s time for them to shine and take your place. They never see any good in you except the bad.

Photo Credit: Mike Chaput

Photo Credit: Mike Chaput

What’s their job? Their job is to hurt you with their acerbic comments so that you will throw in the towel and never try again. They want to chase you away from being awesome.

What’s your job? It’s simple. Ignore them. Don’t let them hurt you or let you down with their acerbic comments. Don’t let their comments deter you from continuing to pursue your endeavor when in reality they’re envious of your success.

Do whatever you know how to do best and keep striving to become better because your dream is bigger than your haters. It matters to the world. Your haters are just distraction or worse, Resistance. Mind you, sometimes they might state the obvious, then notice that and use it as a plus to your struggle.
-MOAB © 2014


3 thoughts on “Haters And Their Acerbic Comments

  1. I would really love to hear your opinion about a hate mail i received today. It is my post named: when badass writer e-mails, but on a second thought he isn’t badass. He is passive aggressive

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