What’s Your Writing Style?

I don’t think I have developed my own writing style but what I do know is that I write like my favorite writers. I love how Seth Godin writes, how Steven Pressfield, Chimamanda Adichie, Jon Acuff and Jeff Goins write. I’m a voracious reader and follower of these folks. I consume anything that they produce. Their works inspire me on a daily basis.

I think one’s style develops after copying from others, and then one will discover his own voice. I’m not sure if I’ve reached or discovered my own voice but what I do know is that I write. A lot. The good and the bad prose. I don’t even recognize it. I write as the words show up in my head.

Some writers have been asked about their writing styles and their responses were the same—they don’t know if they have a writing style. I think my answer is the same too. At least for now. I don’t have one. I believe if a story worth sharing and you write it as it is, people will see your personality and passion through it and if this is what people call writing style, then I have one because when I write stories that matter to me so much, then my personality and passion will show in it. What’s your writing style?
-MOAB © 2014


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