Names Are More Than Identity

The common belief of the people is that names are only meant to be our identity (to know who is who). But I think names are more than that. Names are not only our identity but the significance of our present life and after our demise.

Tell me what comes to mind when you hear the names of the past great men like Muhammad (peace be upon him), Jesus (peace be upon him), Gandhi, Mandela, Newton, and Einstein, just to name a few? I bet, you’ll come up with the best adjective to describe these folks–heroic, peaceful, loving, kind, creative, and many other good ones. Their names hold gravity that people named their kids after them. Why? Because of the life they lived.

Some names are synonymous to the best adjective one could ever imagine while some names are synonymous to something we won’t like to say out loud. When you hear some names, you feel great because the flag bearers are/were great. A proverb says, “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”

Are you living a life of legacy, a life worth emulating by the present and future generations? What difference would your name make in people’s lives?
Don’t despair: if you think it’s too late to start living a worthy life, or to leave a good name, then I’m telling you now it’s not. In fact, if you’re reading this post to this extent, you’ve a good name to leave. Trust me, you can. All the good names you’ve heard and loved; all of them had their past and yet, they made a good turning point and their names were written on a golden marble. Yours, too, can be written on it.

Start now. Fight for something (right cause). Believe in something (something that’ll bring change). Leave a significant (a good name). Be kind and be peaceful. Are you ready? Hit the Like button…as a resolution.


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