Lay The First Brick

How do you build a wall? You start by laying the first brick. It doesn’t matter if it’ll take you years to build, but you must start with the first brick. This is the same way you make your dreams come true. Things that get started are likely to be finished. Want to build a mansion? Lay the first brick. Want to write a book? Write the first sentence. Want to be creative? Just start. Creativity is simply the art of starting. Starting is the first step to making things happen.

Any endeavor that you want to pursue just start. Wishing will not make your dreams come true, but only action can. If you lay your first brick, then another one and another every single day, then you’re building your mansion already.

Yes, I know that starting is scary and risky, but you just have to do it. If your dreams matter, then you just have to take the first step toward it. Start something. Start small. Be Consistent.
-MOAB © 2014


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