What Do You Enjoy Doing?

This is what I do every day: I fight the blank page and fill it with words. It doesn’t matter if these words make sense or not. It doesn’t matter if it will go far beyond my reach. I don’t care. I try as much as possible to fulfill my duty as a writer and write just like I’m doing now. No writer’s block whatsoever. No perfect first draft (it doesn’t exist). Just me and my words. I just put these words down the way I feel when talking to people. I place my argument forward; sometimes with humor and defend it to the last drop of my blood until I’m proven wrong, then I succumb. And this is how I write every day. It’s a discipline that I’m learning now. I just write and leave the rest. I enjoy it and I don’t think there’s anything I can do better than writing. What do you enjoy doing, folks?

-MOAB  © 2014


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