My 100th Blog Post

Last year, I took a decision and started a fully hosted blog. Before I started, I delayed and procrastinated the launch of the blog until I read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art. I learned that Resistance is the enemy that’s holding me back from starting a blog. So I fought Resistance and started blogging.

The first month of my blogging experience was terrible and I called it quit. A month after that, I conquered fear, and started blogging often. Today, I posted my 100th blog post. I had never thought that I’ll reach this stage. I had never imagined that my blog posts will touch lives far away from me. And this is why I write. To make a difference and inspire lives beyond my reach.

Yes, I’ve not reached the peak but I believe that I can do better. And so are you. Don’t listen to that voice saying “you-can’t do-it.” You can do it if you’re ready and determined. You can make it happen because you possess the ability of greatness in you. If you’re thinking that you’re not good enough, then you’re lying to yourself. Start something today, fight for a cause and make things happen. Who knows maybe you might be the next Ernest Hemingway, or the next Steve Jobs. Just decide today and start.
-MOAB © 2014


2 thoughts on “My 100th Blog Post

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! On reaching this milestone—good for you and keep those blog posts coming for the world to read!

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