I will Do Better If…

If I were in his/her position, I’ll do better.
If I have more time, I’ll do better.
If I were born in America, I’ll do better.
If my family were rich, I’ll do better.
If I weren’t black, I’ll do better.
These are the statements of the naysayers, of the procrastinators.
They’ve millions of excuses in their bank account.
They love tomorrow like no one else.
They’re allergic to “now.”
They’re experts in all fields but they won’t start one.
They love talking but detest action.
They love to whine about everything.
If the weather isn’t good, they take it as another excuse.
They know more than their peer-groups.
They argue, argue, and argue.
But they have nothing to show for it.
They wish, wish, and wish as if wishing is a strategy.
You better don’t be like these folks.
You can only get better at what you start.
Start something. Start small. Be persistent.
-MOAB © 2014


2 thoughts on “I will Do Better If…

  1. Bravo! Very well said. I used to have a boss that had a picture frame hanging on the wall behind her desk with an unknown quote which read “Argue for your limitations and they are yours!” It so true of most people to make excuses and procrastinate. I am guilty of it myself as well. Another person I know once said when someone says, “Yes, but. . . ” you might as well ignore all they said before the word “but”. Realizing one’s faults is the first step to making a change for the better. Making excuses, procrastinating, fear of failure, lack of motivation and poor time management keep a large amount of people from making the achievements they desire. So keep motivating us all with your blog here, who knows how many you have stimulated to make positive changes in their live!

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