Archive | July 25, 2014

I will Do Better If…

If I were in his/her position, I’ll do better.
If I have more time, I’ll do better.
If I were born in America, I’ll do better.
If my family were rich, I’ll do better.
If I weren’t black, I’ll do better.
These are the statements of the naysayers, of the procrastinators.
They’ve millions of excuses in their bank account.
They love tomorrow like no one else.
They’re allergic to “now.”
They’re experts in all fields but they won’t start one.
They love talking but detest action.
They love to whine about everything.
If the weather isn’t good, they take it as another excuse.
They know more than their peer-groups.
They argue, argue, and argue.
But they have nothing to show for it.
They wish, wish, and wish as if wishing is a strategy.
You better don’t be like these folks.
You can only get better at what you start.
Start something. Start small. Be persistent.
-MOAB © 2014