When Money Isn’t Everything

Photo credit: Seyyed Mostafa Zamani: flickr.com

Photo credit: Seyyed Mostafa Zamani: flickr.com

Here’s a shocking secret about me: I’m a Cynophobe. If that one’s not shocking enough, here’s another one: I’m an Ailurophobe. In simple English: I’ve the fear of dogs and also the fear of cats. I guess we all have our phobias and I’m no different.

There’s a reason why I fear dogs. It’s because I’ve been bitten by a dog before. And as for cats, I guess it’s related to my cultural beliefs and how cats are being portrayed in Nigerian movies.

Some weeks ago, a cat in my dorm followed me while I was going to the kitchen. It seemed the cat was hungry, but not sure what to give it to eat. It kept mewing and followed me back to my room. I ran into my room quickly and shut the door because I don’t want it to enter my room. I looked for food that I could give to the cat, but I couldn’t find any. There’s no food. I’m just about to cook and moreover I don’t know what cats like to eat.

I kept searching, opened my refrigerator and all I could find there is juice. Cats don’t drink this. I kept searching and I found bread. I tossed the bread to the cat, but the cat rejected it. What else can I do? I don’t know what the cat wanted to eat and it couldn’t talk. This is crazy because I really wanted to help.

I thought if only the cat could take some money and buy itself whatever it wanted, that would be great. But it is obvious that cats can’t spend money. I ran back into my room again, and kept searching until I found powdered milk in my refrigerator. “Let me give it a try,” I said to myself. Who knows, maybe it’d like the powdered milk. As I poured the powdered milk on the floor, it was like this is what I’ve been expecting you to bring forth. It started eating. I poured more powdered milk for the cat until I was satisfied.

What does this story have to do with you? It’s simple. Money isn’t everything. Kind gesture is. Sometimes people don’t need your money, all they need from you is a kind gesture. Find a means to make someone happy, you might not have the money to spend, but a sincere smile, a kind gesture can make a difference in someone’s life.

A kind gesture is the only currency that you can spend anywhere even during economic crisis. Sometimes people just want you to listen to their stories, they just want someone to empathize with them, and they want someone to give them hope that things will be better. Be that person that’ll make someone happy. Have you made someone happy today? If not, go do that now. And remember that, money isn’t everything but kind gesture is.
—MOAB © 2014


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