Change is constant,
But it’s hard.
It stifles your mind to stay where you are.
It tells you stories of your past and your present.
It wants you to be safe.
It prevents you from being awesome.
Even though, change knows that you need change.
Yet, it gives you thousands of excuses not to change.

To change is to start.
Find where you need change in your life,
And let it start now.

Change is a process.
It’ll trick you for weeks,
Or for months,
And you’ll get tired,
Because you haven’t seen it yet.

Change is stubborn.
It’ll never come on time.
Sometimes it takes months or years.
But, in the end,
If you persist enough,
It’ll surely come.

Change loves consistency.
Change loves persistency.
Change loves patience.
Change loves hard-work.
Just give change all it wants,
Then you’ll see change come easily.

When you talk, talk change.
When you learn, learn change.
When you look, look change.
When you see, see change.
When you breathe, breathe change.
When you eat, eat change.
When you sleep, sleep change.
When you drive, drive change.
For without change,
There’s no life.
-MOAB © 2014


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