Look For Just One Right Thing

This is what happened to me just now when I’m about to prepare my favorite coffee (MacCoffee). MacCoffee is a combination of coffee, milk and sugar (It’s called 3 in 1). I usually have it with more milk to make it richer. I poured some milk in a cup, added some sugar, poured hot water, and then started stirring in anticipation for it to look brownish. I was stirring harder, but still, there’s no change. I stirred it again and later realized that I didn’t add the MacCoffee in the first place. Since I didn’t add the MacCoffee, there’s no hope of having a brownish coffee (no result).

What does this scenario have to do with your life? It’s simple. In life, sometimes, hard work doesn’t really matter if you’re not doing the right thing or if you don’t add the necessary thing, you won’t get the result that you want. Just like when I was stirring the milk without adding the MacCoffee.

Getting the result one wants is all about having or knowing the right thing, plus, one’s effort. If you’re struggling and still thinking of how to get the result you want, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if you have the right skill or knowledge, or maybe there’s something you need to add to make things happen.

The right thing might be small or big, but if you don’t add it to your effort, you’ll never get the result that you’re looking for. Go now and find just one right thing to add into your life (be it right tools, materials, knowledge, and connection).
-MOAB © 2014


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