Frequently Vs Fluently: How I wrongfully Used Both Words In A Letter

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (

It’s almost 10 years now since I graduated from high school. That’s pretty long, huh? You can say that again. I was just 16 then. Many of you will be doing some calculations to know how old I am now. Who cares? I’m 26 by the way (just to save you from the stress of calculation). Many of my classmates then now have kids within the age of 1-10 years. And me? Nothing. No girlfriend. No wife-to-be. Just me and my beliefs. You can call it strange, but that’s just the way I do things.

Sorry for digressing a bit. This writing is not about having kids, but about a messy mistake I made after graduating from high school. Some months after my graduation, I opted for a teaching job in a local school just a 10-15 minute walk away from my house. I wrote an application letter and in it I wrote how responsible, diligent, honest, and many other lies that we all include in our resumes and application letters when applying for a job. Many of us do it.

This time, I wrote something I didn’t intend. I wrote, “I speak English ‘frequently’ instead of fluently”. After submitting the letter and thinking about what I wrote in the letter, I knew something was wrong. As I got home, I ran into my room and opened my Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and looked up for the word “frequently”, then I realized that I’ve wrongfully used “frequently” for fluently. That’s sad and I thought I wouldn’t get the job.

In the context of the letter, the headmistress of the school would not be sure what my intention was. I speak English frequently meaning “I speak English all the time. I guess this is what you would think if you were the headmistress, too.

Fortunately, I got the job. (Mind you, I wrongfully used the word unfortunately to mean fortunately, too). That story will come in another post. It’s hilarious.

I started teaching the next day as there was an opening for teachers in the school then. I had a good two months of teaching experience. That might be short, but it has taught me a lot. When you teach, you know more. When you teach well, people will respect you.

Mistakes will come, but you’ve the right to correct them and learn from them. Some mistakes like in blogging can be edited as many times as one could and I do enjoy editing my mistakes in writing when I see them. Sure, I’ll see one in this post later and I’ll edit it.

Question: What are the mistakes you’ve made either in writing or in real life that you’ve learned from them?
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